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Proud to Be Colorful: What Do The Colors of the LGBTQ Flag Mean?

For those of you that don’t know, June is LGBTQ Pride Month. It is a time to celebrate love, diversity, and acceptance in all forms.

We as a human race are not defined by our gender or our sexuality – it goes much deeper than that – and there is so much more that makes up who we are are, and who we love. Every single person is unique, special and strong – and that should be celebrated. That is what Pride month is for.

This week marked the beginning of many LGBTQ celebrations around the world – which means that you may have seen rainbow flags flying proudly in store windows, front yards, on the street, or in the hands of those that celebrate along with us. But the pride flag is more than just a rainbow flag. Each color represents something specific and unique, just like the people who fly it. So we wanted to celebrate in our own way by showing you a rainbow of colorful rooms – and what those specific colors mean when used in design as well as what each color represents on the flag.


“Today (and every day) whether you celebrate pride or not, we want to take the time to say thank you and we love you.”
Photo: Jotún


On the pride flag, RED represents LIFE


In design, red promotes courage and determination. The color red is a stimulant and can invigorate a room (or the person in it). It has been said that the color red can be a stimulant and bring things to fruition. It can also help to motivate and embolden someone.



On the pride flag, ORANGE represents HEALING


In design, orange expands your thinking and is the color of laughter and celebration. Being in a room with doses or orange can help you to be more creative, to open up your mind and to be more artistic. It has been said that orange can also help to reduce your self-consciousness (maybe from all that laughter and celebration) which allows you to truly be yourself.

Photo: Kim Dti
Photo: Delightfull
Photo: Jotun
Photo: Pablo Zamora
Design: Pete Bermejo


On the pride flag, YELLOW represents SUNLIGHT


In design, yellow can bring forth focus and mental strength. It can help to clarify your thoughts with its bright hue and can also stimulate new conversation and thought.


Photo: Les Confettis
Design: Tip Toe
Photo: Aufeminin


On the pride flag, GREEN represents NATURE


In design, green also represents nature and a fresh start. It can help with healing and to balance things within your life while keeping things calm and serene (just as it does outside). Rooms that are painted green have also been said to promote growth and prosperity.



On the pride flag, BLUE represents SERENITY


In design, blue encourages efficiency and is the color of calmness and purity. Bringing this inky hue into your home can also inject a little steadiness and balance to the room and to the time that you spend in it. Cool blues also are said to encourage peace and help you to see the larger picture.


Photo: Real Homes


On the pride flag, PURPLE represents SPIRIT


In design, purple is used to encourage a fresh perspective on your emotions and spirituality. The color can bring a sense of spiritual calm and also help to connect you to a higher power, allowing yourself to let go of the things to hold you down and connect more spiritually with those things that will lift you up.


Photo: Anna Blogie

featured image collage inspired by @tyfrench

  1. I love this so much – PROUD to be here, and PROUD to be who I am. Thank you for the constant support and inspiration that you give.

  2. Thanks! I really enjoyed learning about the colours.

  3. Thank you for this collection, you truly learn something new every day!

  4. You have been such an inspiration for me during this Covid epidemic I enjoyed the seven minute learning colors even though I kind of had an idea help we understand it isn’t just one color it’s a variation in the same color and it’s helping in my redesign of my space

    1. Good luck redesigning your space! Stay inspired xx -B