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Queer Eye Season 3: Jess – The Makeover And Reveal

Today we are back with another one of our makeovers from Season 3 – Jess AKA ‘Black Girl Magic’. But before we get into it, if you haven’t already started binging Season 4 then mark your calendars as busy because you now have plans tonight.

For those of you that haven’t watched the episode yet or are new to the show – do yourself a favor and watch this episode. Jess, a young woman who we met in Season 3 has overcome so much in her life to become who she is today. After coming out to her very religious adoptive family at age 16 she was thrown out of the house for being gay. She moved into a new place, found new friends, began going to college and forged a life for herself.

When we met her, she had since dropped out of college where she was pursuing a computer science degree due to student loan debt and was waitressing at a Greek restaurant in Lawrence, Kansas. We came in and not only overhauled her space but gave her the tools to transform her own life.

We worked on the kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, and her closet, giving her a brand new space to start over. In her own words: “I feel radiant, beautiful, sexy and confident”. “I had it in me, but you all brought it out, and I really appreciate it.”

Since the episode aired, there was a gofundme campaign that was set up for Jess raising over $100,000 to help pay off her student loans and send her back to college. We are so excited for Jess and everything she has in her future – follow along with her journey on her instagram, and keep reading to see how the makeover came together. We’ve linked up all the products we used below and to see more of the pieces we’ve used on Queer Eye, click through HERE.

“I feel radiant, beautiful, sexy and confident. I had it in me, but you all brought it out, and I really appreciate it.”






  1. I am SO excited about these Queer Eye Makeover posts — it’s been tough to find the before/after images online, so I find myself forwarding through and pausing on episodes; it’s super helpful to have photos (and sources too!) all in one place. Bravo and thank you to you and your team, Bobby!

    1. What is the paint brand and color used for the kitchen cabinets?!?!? I need that at my home!

  2. You are all the best antidote for the awfulness in the world right now. Whenever I need a lift, I watch an episode (or three). Bravo to you and the entire QE team!

  3. One of my favorite episodes! Thanks for sharing the the product roundup of decor pieces! <3

  4. I’m really curious about the paint color in the living room! What is it?

  5. I absolutely love seeing the before and after photos of the Hero’s homes! I would love to see a coffee table book for each season with notes from Bobby on the design process.

  6. Your decorating intuition is fantastic. You could have a show of your own. There are a ton of HGTV show that take the whole hour to show just what YOU do. I love that QE is about the whole person, including his environment, but just wanted to let you know that I ALWAYS want to know more about your piece of the show: how you “read” the guest and thought through it all to get the fabulous results we see. I think you have the most difficult piece, TBH.


  7. I am redoing my 15 year old daughters room is there a way I should go about it??? p.s. I love you and your show

    1. My biggest tip when designing with kids and teens is to keep it simple and include her in the process. She is old enough to be able to know what she likes and doesn’t like so let her pick the paint color and help her make selections together throughout the process. Be sure to give her a place to do some work in her room as well. You can check out this post for more tips on some vertical desks that maximize space:
      Good luck! -B

  8. Hey Bobby,

    what print is that on the wall in the bedroom? it looks amazing.

    1. It is called “Wave Pop” by Tempaper but was a pattern that was discontinued unfortunately. Check out their site for all of their patterns that are temporary and so easy to install. Good luck. xx -B