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Queer Eye Season 7: Speedy – The Makeover And Reveal

Queer Eye is back baby! After a wait that felt like forever, Season 7 is streaming right now. And that also means it’s time to give you an inside look at the makeovers for each and every hero from the new season in New Orleans! We’re kicking things off with one hero who has overcome so much – and is rolling right into a brighter future! 

We meet Ray “Speedy” Walker in Episode 3 – “Speedy For Life”.


A standout basketball player in high school, Speedy’s life changed drastically on one fateful day in 2020. At just 18, he was in a car accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down – and took the lives of his mother and aunt. Afterward, Speedy faced many physical and mental challenges while becoming insecure and closed off from the outside world. But even at one of the darkest times in his life, he still remained positive and created a TikTok account (which is how he got discovered for the show) to share his inspiring message of resilience.

Upon meeting Speedy, the Fab Five were immediately touched by his story and ready to help him roll into a bright future – with a new look, new cooking skills, and a new outlook on life.


And for this design makeover, Bobby also helped Speedy find a brand-new apartment! – complete with a wheelchair-friendly makeover that was totally functional – and incredibly fashionable.

Keep scrolling to see the amazing results of Speedy’s makeover, along with the shoppable products for you to bring the look to your home!



Speedy met up with Wesley from Season 4 to reflect on life in a wheelchair – and get some encouragement!

BATHROOM – Before & After

A brand-new wheelchair-friendly shower stall will make things so. much. easier. – and help Speedy be independent!

Have a question about a specific item used in Speedy’s Makeover? Leave a comment below and we’ll track it down!

    1. Thank you so much for watching. Speedy was so inspiring to us and I’m so happy to finally share his story to the world! xx -B

  1. Hey,

    My boyfriend of 7+ years and I have similar issues when it comes to finding accessible spaces. He is also paraplegic but as a result of a gsw. One thing our “accessible” apartment has is standing height cupboards, so being pedant, I’m the only one who can really use them. I noticed they had some kind of shelf that lowered down from inside of the cupboard to counter height to make things more reachable. What is that and where can I find it?

    Thanks for everything you do!


    1. Hi Misba, Thanks so much for your comment and watching the new season! Here is the link for the accessible cupboard organizer. There is a more affordable option Here as well. Hope that helps you and your boyfriend. Sending so much love! xx -B

      1. Wow, that is steep! I think I will probably look into the wayfair option. It was a really great idea on your part and something I know we’ve struggled with for years. Thank you for your help! Much love, always!!!


  2. I love the tv stand/console tables you have lined up in the living room of Michael’s house. Where can I find them?

    1. Hi love, the tv console is from FourHands HERE. We stacked them together along the wall to give the illusion of a built-in. Thanks so much for watching and stay inspired! xx -B

  3. Hello this season 7 was truly inspirational and the design transformations were phenomenal! Thank you for being so open and sharing about your educational journey, you have left me with some thoughts to ponder. On a design note, will you please share where I can find the rug that was placed in Michael’s living room (Season 7, Episode 7)? Thank you.

    1. Thanks so much for supporting this season!! Michael’s living room rug was from Four Hands but it has been discontinued. They replaced the rug with a similar style HERE. Hope that helps! xx -B

  4. Bobby, I’m interested in the some of the dining area light fixtures you used, especially Michaels in Season 7.

    1. Thanks so much for reading! Michael’s dining room lighting is from Anthropologie HERE. xx -B

  5. Where did you get the shelving for the kitchen cabinets? I’m 4 ft 2 and having shelving I could reach and bring down would be so helpful!

    1. Hi Emily, Thanks so much for your comment – You can find similar shelving options HERE and HERE. xx -B

  6. Hello! What paneling was used in Speedy’s living room?

    Also, our kids(kids 8 and 10) have watched the majority of Season 7 with us. It’s been a wonderful opportunity to share a show I love. AND the show has initiated amazing insight and questions, which has led to fantastic conversations. The work you do is important beyond the screen. Thank you.

  7. Hey Bobby, I’m from Australia but I have a question about 2 framed (items) in Speedo’s apartment. The framed items were separate “towel” like things. They were in a black frames and the “items” inside were blue and cream/white.
    Can you please send me in the right direction so I can look at purchasing something like that?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Karen, Thanks so much for your question – All art from our show was either hand made or from Minted. Hope that helps! xx -B

  8. Where did Bobby get the fold down shelves for Speedy’s upper kitchen cabinets? That is amazing accessibility for a kitchen!

  9. Well, I just read some of the other comments and realized my question was answered thoroughly twice. Feel free to ignore mine.