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The 5 Home Items You Shouldn’t Pay Over $50 For

When furnishing your home, it might feel like it’s hard to get a break budget-wise. But if you want to spend your money smarter, you need to know the products you don’t need to splurge on. And today, we’re showing you the 5 home items you shouldn’t be paying over $50 for (but will still look great).

There are plenty of things in your home you should be investing in. But some furnishings just don’t require a whole lot of cash. In fact, there are 5 go-to items that you shouldn’t be paying over $50 for (and Bobby doesn’t either!) Let’s find out what they are – and show you our budget-friendly picks for each!



home items you shouldn’t be paying over $50 for

Bath Towels

Between drying you off daily and getting a weekly spin through the washer and dryer, bath towels get a whole lot of use (and abuse). So consider going budget-friendly for this everyday essential. A classic white cotton option is always in style (and won’t set you back more than a few bucks per towel). Also, consider stocking up on a set to save even more – and always have a fresh towel on hand.



home items you shouldn’t be paying over $50 for

Drinking Glasses 

Even the steadiest of hands can end up breaking a glass (or two, or three) from time to time. So for your most commonly used glassware, don’t go for something super pricey – or overly precious – that you’ll end up having to replace. Instead, stick to something simple that works well, and you can save on by purchasing in a set.



home items you shouldn’t be paying over $50 for

Decorative Pillows

Pillows are one of those items that can really add the finishing touch to a room. But it doesn’t always add up to go for pricier pillows   – especially if they might end up fading in the sun, getting stained, or being used as a perch for your pets. Luckily, there’s an abundance of affordable pillows on the market – that are also a lot easier to swap out should you want to give a room a quick update.



home items you shouldn’t be paying over $50 for


A bookcase or tabletop just isn’t quite complete without the right accessories. And the right way to shop for accessories? Seek out the affordable first and foremost. From vases to baskets, artwork to decorative objects, it’s smarter to outfit any surface with budget-friendly finds.



home items you shouldn’t be paying over $50 for

Plants & Pots

The right potted plant can make almost any room look (and feel) a whole lot better. But you don’t have to spend big bucks to outfit your home with a bit of greenery. Any indoor plant from your local home improvement store will do just as well as an expensive option from a nursery (with the proper care, of course). And opting for simple pots  – like a classic terracotta –  is an inexpensive way to make any plant really look its best.



  1. I LOVE advice like this and also Bobby’s picks — could this be a weekly thing?? 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Bobby, thanks for the “5 tips”, super useful!! Maybe consider adding this every month? Most of us need a bit of guidance when it comes to decorating a space….like 5 ways to make a space feel larger or smaller….any 5 tips is super appreciated for most of us that don’t have a queer eye for that kind of thing!! ❤️