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The New Bobby Berk Office: All The Construction Under Way (And The Progress We’ve Made)

It’s week 3 of our BTS look at the new Bobby Berk office, and by now, you’ve seen all the before photos, the future floorplans, and our vision for the space. (And if you haven’t, check them out here!) And today, we’re ready to show you some actual results – and update you on all the construction that’s under way!

Once we took possession of the house, we didn’t waste any time getting our construction plans in order – and strapping on a tool belt to begin tearing down walls and ripping up tile. (Ok, we may have left that part to the experts). And while the onset of Covid-19 may have caused some serious delays, we’ve been able to keep the project moving (safely, of course) and make some major strides towards turning this dated home into our dream office. Ready to take a peek at our construction progress – without having to wear work boots?


Keep scrolling to see all the BTS of the construction, how things are progressing (and see all the walls we’ve knocked down). And check back next week to see our process for choosing the perfect white paint for the space.


In case you missed it, you can see all the details of how this project came to be and our vision for the office in our posts: Our Newest Project: Bobby’s New Office and The Design Details & Mood Boards For Every Room.


Starting right at the front door, we began by removing the floor tile and riping up all the carpet in the hallway and up the stairs. With those unsightly elements out of the way, we could focus on preparing the subfloor and installing the new hardwood. And from there, we’ll remove the stair railing, say byebye to the chandelier, and hello to a gorgeous new pair of arched doors.

Living Room

Remember the old fireplace in this room? Neither do we. We quickly made it disappear, to be replaced by a simple Spanish plaster version. And with the carpet removed, there wasn’t much more construction to be done. While we waited for new doors to be installed and the ceiling to be stained ebony, this room ended up being a storage spot for drywall waiting to be installed upstairs.

Dining Room

Finally, we got our chance to really start opening things up (and tearing down walls). Gone is the old wall separating the cramped dining room from the kitchen- leaving one large, connected space instead.


Talk about a dramatic change! After knocking down 3 of the 4 existing walls, the kitchen is now just a shell of what we started with. Gone is the linoleum floor, the 80s cabinets, and well, everything else too! With the room completely gutted, we can now focus on installing a new island, custom cabinetry, and reclaimed wood beams that will offer structural support (and rustic vibes).

Den/ Conference Room 

Another fireplace, another demo. In the den area, this dated mantel had to go – along with the built-in bench too. We also knocked out the existing shelving and cabinets in the wet bar to make way for a much sleeker-looking spot for an after-work cocktail. And we can’t wait to install the new accordion doors that will totally open up the room to the to the backyard.

Upstairs Bathroom

Well, not much is left of this bathroom (although we did manage to keep the medicine cabinet). The vanity, flooring, tile, and tub all had to go to make way for what we have in store: a sophisticated, totally black and white space, from the black hexagon flooring to the white vanity with a black marble top.

Office Area

More walls have been coming down upstairs, where 3 bedrooms have now become one large L-shaped office area. And now that it’s one open space, we’re finally starting to get that office feel – and not that “heading upstairs to go to bed” vibe. And once the flooring is complete, we’ll then be able to focus on converting the 2 former guest bedrooms closest into much-needed floor-to-ceiling storage space for the team.


Main Bathroom

For the largest bathroom, we may have made the largest impact. No surface was safe in this demolition, having removed the vanity, shower, tub, and knocked out the previous wall where the toilet once stood. Once we reconfigure plumbing (to move the toilet location) we’ll have a much more open and light-filled room in which to make our design ideas really come to life.



In case you missed it, you can see all the details of how this project came to be and our vision for the office in our posts: Our Newest Project: Bobby’s New Office and The Design Details & Mood Boards For Every Room.


Be sure to check back next week as we reveal how we chose the perfect white paint color for the office.