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Clever Kitchen Hacks To Save You Time (And Save Your Greens)

Whether. you love or loathe spending time in the kitchen, keeping your food fresh is a smart idea.  And it’s easy to make produce last longer and use it smarter. Want to see how? We’ve got some clever kitchen hacks that can help you keep your greens fresh – and help you save time while using fresh herbs. 

kitchen hacks

A Better Way To Remove Herbs From Stems

Fresh herbs are an ideal addition to lots of different dishes. But plucking each leaf can be a time-consuming task if you’re cooking a large meal. So instead, try using a cheese grater to help you out. Pull one stem of mint, basil or cilantro though the larger holes of the grater, and it will remove the leaves easily and efficiently. 





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kitchen hacks

How To Keep Lettuce Fresh 

Does your lettuce go bad before you can use it? Try this simple tip to make it stay last. Just open the lettuce container (or bag) and add a paper towel to the top. Then flip over the container so the paper towel is on the bottom. The paper towel will absorb any excess moisture that makes the lettuce rot and keep it fresher for much longer!