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Our Picks For The 13 Best Trader Joe’s Premade And Refrigerated Meals In 2023

Best Trader Joe’s Premade And Refrigerated Meals

A home-cooked meal is great, but sometimes, even the best chef needs a break in the kitchen. And when that’s the case, the best thing to have on hand are some simple premade meals ready and waiting. So we’ve compiled the best Trader Joe’s premade and refrigerated meals for the perfect go-to options (that are ready in just minutes!)

When you need something fast, easy, (and delicious) Trader Joe’s definitely has you covered. They have a huge selection of refrigerated and frozen meals which you can heat up in the microwave in minutes. With everything from frozen Italian pasta, to premade Indian food, to Mexican tamales and tons of vegan options, there’s something for everyone’s palette! So keep scrolling to see 13 Trader Joe’s premade and refrigerated meals that are fast – and full of flavor – for breakfast, lunch and dinner.



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Trader Joe’s Refrigerated Meals

Kettle Cooked Chicken Soup 

You really can’t go wrong with a classic like chicken soup. And for TJ’s version, they’ve slowly simmered the chicken and added a rich stock for a flavorful way to feel better – and full of goodness. Plus it will be ready in the microwave in just 5 minutes!

Mexicali Salad

I know what you’re thinking, a salad isn’t a full meal. But trust me, this one is! The chili lime chicken and all the veggies will definitely fill you up. And the jalapeno Caesar dressing is just the right blend of spicy and creamy to bring it all together.




Chicken Tikka Masala

A rich, hearty tikka masala sauce on top of some basmati rice is not just an easy meal, but also super filling and totally flavorful. This version is ready in minutes – so you can be sitting down to a meal before you ever start getting hangry.



Peanut Udon Noodle Salad

This chilled Udon noodle salad is the perfect meal for a hot summer day. The wheat flour noodles are soft and chewy – a great contrast to the crunchy shredded cabbage, carrots and peanuts. Toss in the peanut ginger dressing, and you’ve got the finishing touch on this tasty warm-weather treat.

Vegan Mac

Who doesn’t love some mac and cheese?! The problem for vegans is that it can be hard to find a pre-made option that packs enough flavor and hits the mark on texture. This is the best one we’ve tried so far – a truly satisfying and smooth vegan cheese and shells that hits the spot.



Italian Style Turkey Meatloaf 

Need a quick dish for an impromptu dinner party? This savory meatloaf can save the night (and have your guests asking for seconds)! The Italian spice blend adds a mouth-watering touch – and everyone will think you’ve been in the kitchen prepping for hours!

Chicken Marsala with Mashed Potatoes

This meal will truly make you feel like you’re sitting in a fine restaurant (even if you’re in sweatpants on your couch) The tender chicken marsala, rich sauce, and creamy mashed potatoes make for one indulgent meal. Just be sure to heat it up in the oven to keep the chicken tender and the potatoes smooth.





Roasted Butternut Squash, Red Quinoa And Wheatberry Salad

A combo of squash, quinoa, and wheatberries makes the perfect lunch- or side salad for almost any meal. The crunch from the toasted almonds, the sweetness of the cranberries, and a drizzle of the honey sesame vinaigrette all complement each other and bring an ideal balance.

Meat Lasagna

Sometimes you just need some comfort food, right?  And nothing is better for that than a meaty, cheesy, and taste bud pleasing lasagna. There’s enough in this premade option to serve two when paired with a side salad (or just one when you’re really hungry).

Trader Joe’s Frozen Meals

Layered Beef Tostada

Are you a fan of the Mexican pizza? Then you’re in luck because TJ’s has its very own version of this layered delight (that you can microwave in minutes). Two tostadas are filled with seasoned ground beef, beans and topped with cheese, tomatoes, and green onion for a delicious dish.

Chicken Sausage Breakfast Burrito

For an extremely easy option in the morning (that’s also easy to eat on the go), keep a few of these breakfast burritos in the fridge. Pop the flavorful chicken sausage, eggs, and peppers in the microwave and it will fill you up and help fuel you for the day ahead.




Vegan Pasta Bolognese Bowl

Craving a classic pasta that’s packed with authentic Italian flavor (but none of the meat)? Try this tasty vegan bolognese bowl. The plant-based protein adds a pleasing texture, while the red lentil pasta makes this an even healthier option – without sacrificing flavor.

Pulled Pork Tamales

Tamales are a food staple for much of Latin America. And you can also enjoy this flavorful, regional dish from the convenience of your freezer. These pulled pork tamales come wrapped up in corn husk so you can easily steam or microwave them for a mouth-watering meal.



These are the best and our favorite 13 Trader Joe’s premade and refrigerated meals. Let us know if you have any others that we might not have included.



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