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Queer Eye Season 8 Is Here: Meet All The New Heroes

QUEER EYE SEASON 8 is officially here! (Check out the new season right now.) There’s a whole lot of excitement in store – and it’s time to meet a whole new cast of inspiring heroes too. So let’s discover some of the unique and compelling stories behind these 6 dynamic individuals from New Orleans!

Are you ready to meet a whole new cast of inspiring heroes? We’re introducing you to all 6 of these individuals from New Orleans, their special stories, and giving you just a taste of what’s to come!  Plus, starting this Friday, we will also be recapping every episode from Season 8! 



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queer eye season 8


Anh Luu is a chef, enterpeneur, and the owner of Vietnamese street food pop-up Xanh.

queer eye season 8


Alison McCrary is a former nun who uses her past experience as the Executive Director of Mission Mycelium.



queer eye season 8


Denton Mallas is the football coach for the Louisiana School for the Deaf in Baton Rouge.

queer eye season 8


Doreen Ketchens is an acclaimed jazz clarinetist looking for help taking over her family’s business, Doreen’s Sweets.

queer eye season 8


Ernest Bartholomew is car loving, country husband working on repairing his relationship with his wife.

queer eye season 8


Tim Keel is a KISS super-fan who serves as a caretaker for his brother.



Stay tuned for our first recap of QE Season 8: Episode 1 on Friday!