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Queer Eye: The Most Popular Furnishings From Every Season

The newest season of Queer Eye is just a few short weeks away (and the trailer drops tomorrow!) And as we eagerly anticipate those tear-jerker moments and amazing makeovers, today we’re taking it back to the previous six seasons, for a look at some of the most popular Queer Eye furnishings from Bobby’s interior makeovers.  

Over the course of 52 episodes, Bobby and his team have transformed homes, offices, barns, and even a shipping container! Each space has a unique look and feel that totally reflects each hero – and is furnished with some amazing products. And we’ve pulled together some of our favorites (and the most popular) from each and every season!



To prepare for the new season, take a look back at all of our QUEER EYE CONTENT!

most popular queer eye FURNISHINGS

Season 1: AJ’s Bed

Back in the very first season, AJ went from the “straightest gay guy in Atlanta” to a confident and proud man. And his stylish bedroom – complete with a chic black cane bed – was a highlight of his revamped interior.


most popular queer eye FURNISHINGS

Season 2: Ted’s Sofa

In season 2, we met Ted, a hipster Mayor who needed a bit of a revamp. While Bobby gave almost every room in his home a new look, it was the new farmhouse modern living room and sumptuous leather sofa that proved the most popular.


most popular queer eye FURNISHINGS

Season 3: Robert’s Pendant Light

Right before his wedding, we gave father of 3 Robert a new outlook, and some stylish new spaces. Among the standouts in his home was a modern and graphic dining area  – punctuated by one very cool (and quite popular) globe pendant light.


most popular queer eye FURNISHINGS

Season 4: Wanda’s Paint 

For drill team founder Wanda, Bobby embraced a more feminine feel, along with a whole lot of warmth for her kitchen. This peachy shade really stood out in more ways than one, proving to be a real favorite.


most popular queer eye FURNISHINGS

Season 5: Rahanna’s Chairs

A punch of color was just what Pet groomer Rahanna needed (along with a brand-new mobile grooming van). These sculptural swivel chairs made an eye-catching addition to her vibrant bedroom, and it turns out we all really loved them as much as she did.


most popular queer eye FURNISHINGS

Season 6: Chris’ Woven Blinds

Chris’ organic and rustic makeover proved to be one of the most popular ever. And among all the standout pieces, the natural bamboo woven blinds Bobby used all over his house were a real winner.


Don’t Forget. Season 7 Premieres May 12th!