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The New Bobby Berk Office: All The Details (And Products) From The Downstairs Bathroom

Welcome to week 5 of the BTS of Bobby’s New Office! So far, we’ve shown you everything from floorplans to paint, inspiration to construction updatesAnd now, we’re ready to dive into all the details, materials, and shoppable products we plan to use for every space in the office. So let’s get started with one of the smallest spaces (that we’ve got big plans for) – the downstairs bathroom. 

What do we have in store for this room? Nothing short of a total revamp! And you’re about to see all the details for how Bobby and the design team will bring this space to life while partnering with some of our favorite brands.

Keep scrolling to see how we plan to transform the downstairs bathroom (along with a 3D rendering of the space and all the shoppable products we’re using!) And be sure to check back next week for even more exciting updates.



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The Before

Remember this dated space? It feels like a distant memory for us at this point. After demoing the space down to the drywall and plumbing valves,  everything (and we do mean everything) is long gone. And with a blank slate, we’re ready to make our plans a reality.

The Floor Plan

Since this is a narrow room (with limited layout options), it only made sense to stick to the existing floorplan. The only significant change would be removing a small hallway linen closet to gain a bit more space. That way we could create a larger floating vanity that would feel more proportional to the room. We’ll also be adding a pocket door instead of a hinged option (a great solution for smaller bathrooms) and replacing the tub with a stand-alone shower.

The Materials

Our vision for this bathroom was clear from the start: A mix of modern and organic elements that also had a super sophisticated feel (and maybe a little bit of wow factor too). So in the process of selecting materials, we were careful to choose items that would create that contrast between crisp, clean lines and more natural forms.


We started our search looking for one of the larger items on our list: a stone to clad the vanity and shower walls. We knew we needed something that was mostly white with interesting veining – but wasn’t being used in every project. And after logging a few hours (and days and weeks) in our local stone yards, we came across Montclair Danby Marble from Bedrosians. It had the unique veining we were looking for and lovely tones of silvery grey that would make it stand out.


For hardware, it was all about simple, sleek – and going to the dark side. And the black fixtures from the Kohler components collection were just what we had in mind. The Tube faucet combined with the circular industrial handles gave us elegance and edge, while the other coordinating pieces, from the showerhead and valve to the towel bar are all seamlessly connected and incredibly chic. We also chose a simple white undermount sink to be incorporated into the custom marble vanity.


For the mirror, we chose an ebony-stained ash and brass option from O&G Studio. The Moana mirror almost feels like a piece of sculpture – and we love how the curved shape also brings in some softness amidst all the hard lines. While the Meridien sconces flanking the mirror (also from O&G Studio) have a unique unlacquered brass finish that adds in some texture (and will develop a beautiful aged patina over time).


And while it’s hard for us to pick a favorite element, it may just be the green zellige tile from Clé. We went back and forth deciding on just the right flooring option from Clé, but in the end, we loved how this tile brings in such a rich color (that’s not too bright) and a unique handmade feel that contrasts nicely with all the clean lines. We also decided to lay the flooring in a herringbone pattern to add just another level of interest and create a bathroom that oozes organic modern style.

The Rendering

Nope, this isn’t a photo of the finished room! Thanks to the magic of 3D software, it’s a sneak peek at exactly how the downstairs bath will look once completed. And we must say, we’re pretty excited about it! Goodbye 80s and hello sleek and sophisticated space! We’re head over heels for this floating marble vanity (and the continuation of the marble for the shower walls to help tie the space together). While we did decide to change our sconces after this rendering was completed, you’re still able to see how all the elements really come together. And from the herringbone tile floor to the sculptural hardware and mirror, we can’t wait to see the finished space – and share it with you!




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  1. I love your ability to transform a space!!!!
    How I wish I could bring you to our little town here in Canada!!


    1. I would love to visit Canada again some day! Sending you lots of love and stay safe. xx -B

  2. This entire room transformation is breathtaking!!

    1. Thank you so much! We are so excited to share the look for each room soon. xx -B

  3. This is stunningly beautiful. I would kiss that floor. But…bathrooms need to function. So, where are the extra toilet rolls being stored, the stack of dry/clean hand towels, a waste can, a comb, maybe an incidental cleaning supply? I would love to see this when it is a working bathroom, rather than a rendering! There is so much clutter in a bathroom and I don’t see drawers, shelves, cabinets, and/or storage containers – where is it all going?! Finally, having a pocket door…bathroom business is noticeably louder than with a traditional door, as we found out. But, it is glorious.

    1. I totally hear you! But in this case, this bathroom will really function as a powder room in our new office. There are two additional bathrooms upstairs that will be used more regularly (and will definitely have plenty of storage, I promise.) So we won’t have all those extras that you usually need in a bathroom (hand towels and toilet paper will be stored in a hall closet). And yes, bathroom sounds are certainly something to consider when choosing a pocket door. But with an exhaust fan and infrequent use, we decided it was a good option to free up some space. Thanks so much for your comment. xx -B

  4. Sooooo in love with the vanity but where will the towels go? Baskets underneath?

    1. This bathroom will really function as a powder room in our new office. So we weren’t that concerned with having storage. There is a closet in the downstairs hallway where towels, toilet paper, and cleaning supplies will live. Thanks for reading! xx -B

  5. What a gorgeous bathroom!! Come do mine next? 😛

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I would love to but I can’t come to everyone’s homes ? Please check out the other posts for more ideas xx -B

  6. Can you source the black double globe sconces as seen in the picture?

    1. Yes! We ended up swapping those out, but you can shop them here. xx- B

  7. Hi Bobby! I’m looking into the Kohler black hardware for the shower and sink but I heard that if people live in areas with hard water, the calcium deposits are more visible than say chrome or nickel. I know it may be a weird question because the answer is to obviously clean more often , but if it’s a high use bathroom, is it worth it?

    1. Yes, you may end up with some calcium stains on black hardware. I personally haven’t run into this issue but have heard about it before. I would say, if you want to avoid putting more effort into really cleaning them on a weekly basis, then you may want to go with a different finish. xx -B