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Under Bed Storage: Our Best Solutions To Maximize Every Inch

We’ve talked a lot about how to improve your bedroom, from furniture pairings to getting the look for less, to how to sleep better. But today, the focus is on a specific spot in your bedroom that probably isn’t doing much – except maybe collecting dust bunnies. We’re talking about under your bed.

If you’re short on closets or lacking drawer space, under the bed is the perfect place to look for extra space to keep clothing, shoes or anything else that needs to be tucked away. Regardless of your personal style, if you’ve got a few extra inches below the bed, there’s a solution for you, from bins, to boxes, to space-saving bags. So instead of just sitting vacant, put the space under your bed to good use! To help you get started, we’re sharing some of our favorites shoppable products to take advantage of every square inch, and make the most of this underutilized space.

Keep scrolling to see our budget-friendly storage picks for every style.


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Design: Jenni Kayne

1. Underbed Storage Bins | 2. Solid Wood Under Bed Storage Drawer | 3. Grey 16-Compartment Under Bed Shoe Organizer | 4. Underbed Fabric Bin | 5. Rolling Underbed White Wire Cart | 6. Natural Under the Bed Storage Bag | 7. Under Bed Box | 8. Square Soft Box With Lid | 9. Modern Weave Underbed Storage Basket | 10. Twelve Pair Underbed Shoe Storage With Wheels | 11. Jakob Storage Fabric Box | 12. Vacuum Seal Storage Bags | 13. Rattan Underbed Storage Box

Underbed storage comes in lots of different varieties, for stashing away anything you need organized (and out of the way). For seasonal clothing you need to store for part of the year, try a flat, lidded box in plastic, fabric, rattan or wood. Shoe storage is simpler than ever with a divided box (with room for 16 pairs), a or a metal rolling unit for easy access. A metal grid tray on wheels can hold any number of items you need close at hand (but still out of sight), like work out equipment, craft supplies or travel gear. And to keep bulky items at bay, try a vacuum pack storage bag, which will shrink down large items into easily manageable, airtight packages that take up practically no room.

Let us know how you’re utilizing storage solutions for under the bed in the comments below!

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  1. Bobby you have found such perfect suggestions for under bed storage. My favorites are the 16pair shoe storage box from Container store, and the Whitmore rolling cart. I can see that being the perfect spot to store our box of Christmas decorations. And the box of giftwrapping/card supplies. I hope to purchase those asap. As always thankyou so much for all your great finds and inspiration. Big love , and hope you and yours are staying safe and well. Blessings ?

    1. Happy to help! Great ideas to store decorations and gift wrapping supplies under the bed. Thanks for reading Susan. -B

  2. Hold you provide us with where to purchase some of these items? I’m particularly interested in photo #2.

    1. Hi Gina. That item is available here. Thanks for reading! -B

      1. These are beautiful options. I’m personally thinking number 13 for extra clothes. What do you suggest for a small bedroom for hats and purses?

        1. A think a large plastic container is best for purses and hats. This is a great option. Thanks for your comment. xx -B