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A Reveal of Our Queer Eye Season 3 Loft: The Kitchen

We’ve been showcasing all the makeovers from Queer Eye Season 3 and Season 4 here on the site – if you haven’t checked them out already, be sure to click back through them below. Today, it’s all about our home base.


The #FabFive loft that we used during Season 3 in Kansas City is a place where we all gathered together throughout the filming of the season. It was where we hosted our heroes to show them a good time, where we watched what happened during each episode (including some of the BTS that wasn’t aired), and where we also (on occasion) kicked back and enjoyed a cocktail. So, how did it all come together? This week we are giving you an inside look at the loft and all the pieces that we used to decorate it with, starting with the kitchen.



So, get the guacamole ready Antoni – today it’s a tour of the kitchen.


In case you missed any of the reveals click through to see: Wesley, Rob, Jess, Robert, and Jody. and click through HERE to discover our favorite premade meals from Trader Joe’s.


“This space was a place where we could host our heroes and show them a good time.”

  1. You are the best most positive talented guys I have ever come across. The kithen is stunning and Bobby has produced lovely meals. There were tears, laughter and facing real life issues to a brand new look and uplifting hairstyles! I love you all so much. Lots of love from a straight Mom who grew up in a very gay family! ❤⚘??

  2. Is that wallpaper or tile on the backsplashes? I love it soooo much!

    1. I just answered my own question—they are in your “shop this look”.

  3. Do you have a source for the pulls/hardware? 😉

  4. Hi Bobby!

    I just bought a beautiful home in Fresno, Ca. I am wondering, where can I get the backsplash you used for the loft kitchen?



  5. Hi Bobby!

    I’m updating my kitchen and pulling a lot of elements from the loft. Love the countertops – what type of material is it?

  6. Do you remember if you had the Cow Prints custom framed or were you able to find ones that fit?

  7. Honey, are the kitchen cabinets a Farrow & Ball color? Mind telling us the color used? Thanks love ?

    1. I don’t have the exact color, but Salamander by Benjamin Moore is a very close match. -B

      1. Hi Bobby,

        I’m pointing to this reference almost every day as I do my kitchen in Oakland, CA. (THANK you!)

        QQ: Best wall WHITE for this general combination?



  8. Hi Bobby! I’m so in love with this kitchen.
    Where can I get the flooring?
    Gracias ♥️

  9. Hi! Also looking for link or type of countertop!

      1. Can you provide the name of the Caesarstone, trying to find a similar pattern and don’t see it immediately on their site?

  10. I’m follow top designers/architects around the world (And I’m a UCLA design student) so I’ve seen a lot of good design but your spaces have something special… not only beautiful but functional…I think the special quality is HARMONIOUS. Every element works together harmoniously .. color, texture, form, light…and they work from every angle like a 3D sculpture. Clean but not too minimalist.. warm with your krappy store jobs really helped you style the small details perfectly!! Such an inspiration. Thank you for always being so generous with your knowledge .

    1. Thank you so much, Esther! That means a lot. Best of luck with your future in design! xx -B