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Bobby’s Most Memorable Queer Eye Moments

Over the course of 6 years and 8 seasons of Queer Eye, I’ve been lucky enough to meet so many incredible heroes and be a part of life-changing makeovers. I’ve laughed (a lot), I’ve cried (even more), and made so many new friends and memories all over the country. And today, I’m taking you back to revisit some of my all-time favorites, as I reveal the 10 most memorable Queer Eye moments that I’ll never forget. 

So what are my 10 favorite moments from the show? You’re about to find out, as I count down the episodes, individuals, and makeovers that had a major impact on me.


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10. Jamie’s New Barn 

Constructing a brand new barn for Jamie and her animal rescue in Season 6 was one of the most exhausting – and most fulfilling – makeovers I’ve ever taken on. My team (along with lots of others) was building a barn from the ground up in 100-plus-degree weather, while it rained! But it was so rewarding because I also got to spend so much time with her animals and Jamie is truly one of the most amazing women in the world. I’ll never forget her reaction and tears of joy when seeing the barn for the first time.

9. The Jones Sisters 

What’s not to love about this dynamic duo? The Jones Sisters both had such an infectious spirit and joy that you couldn’t help falling in love with them. And as the first-ever restaurant makeover I tackled on the show (in Season 3), it was so rewarding to give Shorty and Little a refurbished space to bring together their community with mouthwatering bar-b-que.

8. You Can’t Fix Ugly 

Just over 6 years ago, the world was reintroduced to Queer Eye – and the first episode featured a loveable truck driver named Tom. I’ll never forget Tom asking me “who’s the man in my relationship” and being able to teach him a thing or two about tolerance and the LGBTQIA community. And while we may not have agreed on everything, I saw how an open mind and open heart can overcome a lot of differences.

7. Jess’ Black Girl Magic 

Even after being kicked out of her home for being gay and having to drop out of college, Jess still projected a positive attitude and an infectious smile back in Season 3. And giving someone so deserving a beautiful new space to call home – and build a bright new future – was a real treat for me.

6. Returning From Quarantine For Season 6

When we began to film Season 6 in March 2020, little did we know that a global pandemic would be uprooting everything in just a few weeks. With production on hold and the future uncertain, I had a  chance to reflect on what the show meant to me and develop a renewed appreciation for Queer Eye. So when we returned to Austin over a year later, I arrived with a renewed sense of purpose, grateful to be able to do what I love (with an amazing cast) and help so many deserving heroes along the way.


5. Elrod & Sons

Being able to give someone a new beginning is one of the most rewarding parts of a QE makeover. And for Rob in Season 3, that was exactly what he needed. Having lost his wife to breast cancer, he and his two young sons were moving into a new home. I loved giving his family a fresh start  – while also creating a custom chest for him to store special memories of his wife.


4. We’re In Japan! 

Never in my wildest dreams did I think Queer Eye would be going global. So when the opportunity to film in Japan came along, I couldn’t have been more thrilled. It was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime moment to discover a new culture- and some amazing heroes (especially super sweet Yoko and our guide Kiko!)

3. Mama Tammye 

I remember feeling a lot of anxiety going into this episode from Season 2. I had a lot of painful memories of being excluded from my religious community for being gay, and filming at a church brought those feelings back to the surface. But after meeting Mama Tammye, and experiencing her outpouring of love, I felt at ease. I was so thankful I got to meet her, help bring the church community center to life, and be inspired by her big heart (and big hugs).

2. Wesley’s Accessible New Home

Many of the makeovers on Queer Eye help improve lives. But Wesley’s makeover from Season 3 really did change his life. Paralyzed from the waist down, Wesley desperately needed a space that would accommodate his wheelchair. And being able to make his home completely accessible to him in a way that it wasn’t before really meant a lot to me. This is the moment I really realized that design can make such a huge difference in someone’s everyday life.

Photo: Gavin Bond/ Netflix

1. Becoming Part Of The Fab Five

My all-time favorite moment would have to be where it all began – and my life truly changed. After being cast on Queer Eye and meeting Antoni, Jonathan, Karamo, and Tan, we filmed Season 1 with no idea if the show would be a success. After 8 seasons, my first Emmy win, and a huge outpouring of love from viewers all over the world, I feel so lucky and grateful for the experience.




What’s your favorite Queer Eye moment? Let us know in the comments below!

  1. This list is a yaaasss. In my humble opinion, Wesley’s episode was the best in all 5 aspects, and your small space work in Japan was sugoi!.

    the bestest ever —
    exactly what i / we crave / want / need right now.
    always a pleasure — THANK YOU.

    1. Thanks so much for reading! Didn’t mean to bring the water works but hope it made you feel better after! Sending you lots of love. xx -B

  3. I cried a lot in the episode with the gay pastor. But really, every episode made me cry, laughing so hard my husband came looking, and just made me feel good. And that, dear Queer Eye people, is huge 🙂

    1. Sending you a big hug!! Thanks so much for your love and support. xx -B

  4. Love these episodes, Bobby. I honestly think Mamma Tammye may be a favorite one because YOU shared so much with us. I felt YOUR pain – and you shared your growth from this show too. But it is nearly impossible to pick a favorite because each and every episode is as unique as those individual characters you help.

    Well done – hope you go 6, 10 – lots and lots and lots more years.
    You guys are earth angels. And the world is watching and growing and changing right along with you all. Keep up the good work! ♥


    1. Thank you so much – It was the first time I really felt vulnerable on the show and I’m so grateful to have shared that moment with so many others. Hope to keep going for as long as we can! Stay safe and inspired. xx – B

  5. Watching the first episode, I knew this show was something very special. Something this world desperately needs. I’ve cried so much watching QE and I can feel myself becoming a better person with each episode, eager to help others and be the best version of me. I never believed I deserved a nice home or a good life, but QE shows that we all deserve that! Thank you QE!

    1. Thank you so much Jessica for your kind words! You deserve the best life you can make and I hope you are staying safe and inspired. xx -B

  6. I absolutely love your show—you all do such WONDERFUL things to improve people’s lives. As a 70-year-old, retired English teacher–I’ve watched every season and can’t wait for more episodes.

    We all need positivity in our lives and the Fab Five are the personification of positivity. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy your show. Thank you for all that you do.

    PS—I cry/sob/get emotional at every episode. Each one is touching in its own way.

    1. Thank you so much! We cannot thank you enough for all that YOU do as a teacher – Sending lots of love and hope you stay safe, healthy and inspired. xx -B

  7. I’m a sucker for babies, and the baby you guys got to hold was a reallllly beautiful baby! Watching Tan hold him was awesome, especially since he was looking forward to being a dad!

    1. Tan absolutely has the cutest baby and we love him to bits! We can’t wait to watch him grow with the best dads in the world. xx -B

  8. I got verklempt all over again just reading this list. Cannot love/worship/adore you all enough for spreading love everywhere you go. My only complaint is the seasons need to be longer!!! It’s too easy for me to binge in one sitting!! (But in all seriousness, during the pandemic, when I needed a pick-me-up, I re-watched from the very beginning to remind myself there is good stuff and good people in the Universe. Thank you for that:) XOXO-Jen

    1. We promise to be back real soon with our next season! Thanks so much for watching and supporting the show. Sending you so much love xx -B

  9. Jess’s episode had me crying, all through. The idea a family could turn their back on their child because of their sexual orientation is just such a foreign idea to me; seriously, how??
    She is a strong and beautiful woman and the connection you made with her was palpable.
    I’m a huge fan of the 5 of you and how you help, without taking over.

    1. Thanks for your comment! Watching Jess transform was so rewarding and meaningful for all of us. xx -B

  10. So many great memories, your designs helped so many people ,I love the ones in Japan helping the young man in his so small flat whatyou did in heat small space was amazing and yes you do make a difference in people’s lives x

    1. Small doesn’t mean it can’t work! I’m so happy we got to connect with the amazing heroes from our Japan series. Hoping to go back soon! xx -B

  11. Wish Queer could get an Emmy every year. It really is a positive force for good in this world. Season 6 episode 3 where you turn a shipping container into a living space blew me away. I loved it. You and your team always do an amazing job. Great way to create home . Shipping container homes could be the new Trailer parks!

    1. That was one of the most fun spaces to work with from the season! So glad you enjoyed it – Stay safe & inspired! xx -B

  12. Thank you so much for QE. I have watched each season several times and find it really difficult to pick a favourite episode. You guys do such an amazing job. The world needs many more seasons. The episode with Ms. Tammy is definitely on my top five list. I’ll share her understanding of God any day. God is love and love can’t be wrong regardless. How anyone can be disowned by their church or family for being who they are is beyond me. I don’t understand it. THANK YOU!

  13. I love you all so very much. It’s so refreshing to just be who you are, to be a part of helping someone take a look at themselves and understand that they matter. To show care, concern and that it’s okay to love yourself and be loved. Stop complicating things, use your senses and enjoy this life; Mind, Body & Spirit!

  14. I’m not sure I can pick one moment since I have loved them all, but one that stands out is the episode about the woman whose beloved husband had ALS and was gradually dying in front of her eyes. Everyone in the Fab 5 were so positive and supportive and the walk she took with Karamo was filled with so much compassion, love, and understanding from him. I probably cried more in that episode than any other.
    I think the Fab 5 are the best medicine for just about whatever ails you. I am a card-carrying Fairy Godmother and I want all of the guys to be my Fairy Godsons!

  15. I think my all-time favorite is Yoko in Japan. All 5 of you were so completely involved with Yoko, and let yourselves be so vulnerable, I cried all the way through the episode — well, all 4 times I’ve watched it. I think my heart connected with all of you in a new, expansive, and special way, and I thank you for that. Imagine! At 74 my heart opened in a whole new and wonderful way!!

    1. I love Yoko with all my heart! That was one of the most emotional moments on the show for me. Thank you so much for sharing your connection with that episode – Stay healthy and inspired! xx -B

  16. Hi Bobby,
    I love them all. But these are my favorites.
    Season 5 (I’m from Philly💙).
    There are so many. Tom is one. Descent proposal,
    Saving Sasquatch, Mama Tammye 💙💙, Elrod and sons💙💙, Jones sisters, Kenny💙💙,Wesley, Chris Baker 💙💙, Jaimie 💙💙💙💙💙 and Terri is my top one💙💙💙💙💙💙

    1. Thank you so much for your comments and all the hearts – Sending them right back to you. xx -B

  17. I love all of you!💙💙
    I have severe anxiety and severe depression. You’ve helped me stay out of my head. Also getting through Covid 19. You have touched so many . One day everyone will see we are all human. we all want to be loved and feel connected. No one should have to fight for their human rights. I wish my cousin Michael had lived to see the changes he died in 1994 at 29 yrs old from AIDS. Please continue what you are all doing. What an impact you have made💙💙💙💙💙

  18. I also love ALL of your episodes and have also watched each season several times. It is my self care as I work serving domestic violence survivors and need the reminders of the love, care, and good in the world. You all are such amazing people and a grand part of my life.

    1. Thank you for reading! Sending you so much love for all the amazing work that you do for our community. xx -B

  19. So many! But it would have to be the Disabled but Not Really episode. How he not only turned his paralysis into the best thing that ever happened to him, but actually thanked the guy who shot him was astounding.
    (The Hunter to huntee I could NOT watch and won’t watch any other episode that celebrates the killing of animals, no matter how much I love the show. It gets bottom place)

    Love Bobby THE best out of all 5 who I absolutely adore and am “obsessed with” XXX

  20. I love all of the episodes. You make your heroes and me feel uplifted and more positive about ourselves and the world. I did enjoy the episode with Bobby Camp who expressed how much he had wanted to let you guys know that you are accepted and how wonderful it is to invite you into our lives. He was speaking what I felt.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words on our show. There’s nothing better than to hear from our fans how much they connect with the stories of our Heroes. We hope you love our new season in New Orleans coming out soon! xx -B

  21. Hi Bobby. I think my favorite episode was in Philly when you remodeled the church and also the resident preacher. That must have been difficult for you. I could sympathize with your mixed feelings even though you helped Miss Tammy and her church in an earlier episode. I, too, have mixed feelings about churches and their followers. —- Love Miss Tammy though. Can’t wait to see the new season.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! It’s never easy facing my own trauma in those episodes but the result of changing someone’s life or perspective on things is certainly worth it. I hope you’re ready for our upcoming season in New Orleans! Sending lots of love. xx -B

  22. as a physician who had the great privilege of caring for some in the LGBTQ community, and the sister and sister in law of 2 magnificent gay men I do credit Queer Eye for helping the community become more visible, understandable, and credible to the straight world out there. Your creativity, humanity, intelligence and vulnerability PLUS fabulous outfits– how could anyone not like this?

    1. Thank you so much for all that you do for our community! It’s up to all of us to make others feel seen, understood and accepted. xx -B