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Queer Eye DIY: Small Space Tips From Josh’s Makeover

When it comes to small spaces, they don’t get much more compact than Josh’s shipping container home from Queer Eye Season 6. And to create a fashionable and functional space (that was just 7 feet wide), Bobby had to pull out all his tricks for making the most of minimal square footage. And you’re about to learn how to bring them all right into your own home. 

From easy ways to make a room appear larger, to the colors and storage solutions you need to know about, we’re sharing the best small space tips Bobby utilized in Josh’s makeover. Keep scrolling to see them all – and shop the DIY products to bring them to your space.



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  1. LOVED this design, Bobby! Wondering which color you used on this episode. Whites are soooo tricky. I have had terrible luck with choosing. I want a true neutral white. Any suggestions? Thank you!

  2. Love these ideas for my new office small spaces tips! Thanks!

  3. Hi!

    Love your work!. Where did you get the cabinets for Josh’s kitchen makeover?