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Queer Eye Season 6: Navarro High Prom Committee – The Makeover And Reveal

Another week means another look at the heroes and makeovers from Queer Eye Season 6. And today, we’re heading back to school to give some deserving students a new spot to take a break from studying – and a prom they’ll never forget.

We meet the students of the Navarro High School Senior Prom Committee in Episode 4 – “A Night To Remember”.


After months of distance learning and only seeing their teachers and peers on a computer screen, the Navarro prom committee has been given the go-ahead to gather safely in person for an outdoor prom. Having missed out on much of their senior year due to the pandemic, they’re super excited to have one final celebration before graduation. But with a tight timeline and budget, these deserving students could definitely use a healing hand pulling it off!

With the help of the Fab Five, the prom committee gets some seriously stylish looks, a proper send-off before graduation, and a prom that is definitely a night to remember!



For this design makeover, Bobby transformed the school’s sad courtyard into the ultimate spot to take a study break – and upgraded their outdoor prom to epic proportions.


Keep scrolling to see the amazing results of The Navarro High makeover (and Prom), along with the shoppable products for you to bring the look home.

Be sure to come back each week for an inside look at how all the Season 6 transformations happened – and learn how to create the heroes’ makeovers in your own space! 


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Navarro High Courtyard Makeover

The Prom

Have a question about a specific item used in the Navarro High Makeover? Leave a comment below and we’ll track it down!


  1. I went to Navarro High (then called Lanier) back in the day. Later, I became a teacher in a school with the same demographic in Austin. I am so grateful that you picked an “underserved” school. Too often, I hear my privileged (white) friends with teens say, “You teach where? Bless you, that’s a tough school.” They don’t realize they’re equating the number of black and brown students with how “good” or “bad” a school is. Our “progressive” city lacks equity. Case in point, those Navarro kids are Austinites… and they’ve never been downtown? They’ve never been to Lady Bird Lake? Navarro High School is ten miles away from the center of the city, and yet we don’t have a transportation system that allows ALL people to enjoy the beauty of our city. SO… thank you for not picking a rich, white school. Those kids need love too, but at least they’ve been downtown.

    1. I’m so happy we were able to help those students too. They had been through so much but still had such amazing attitudes and hearts. xx -B

  2. I love you guys and the beauty and kindness you bring wherever you go! I would love to know where Jonathan got that gorgeous dress in the high school prom group shot, please. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much! As for Jonathan’s dress, you would have to reach out to him. I just handle the makeovers! 🙂 xx -B

  3. Where you involved in the “glamcamfilm station” at the prom? Those pictures looks amazing. Tried to find pictures of that area to see the setup of the surroundings and the camera. Would love to do something similar for our kids. But it is probably too expensive.

  4. What kind of tent was used at the prom?! I’m getting married in October and dream of having an open-air backyard wedding with string lights from the trees, but everyone tells me I need a tent. I refuse to get anything ugly and ever since seeing the episode all I can think of is this tent! It’s the only tent that I have seen that I don’t hate. Please help?!

    1. We rented a clear top party tent from a local vendor in Austin. You should be able to find a very similar option from any party rental service. xx -B

  5. Hello! What container did you use for the time capsule? I work for a child care center in WI and we are designing a new home for our students in correlation with our 50th anniversary! We love the idea of a time capsule and burying it somewhere on our new site.

    Thank you for everything that you do!!

    1. It’s a great idea! We actually just found a vintage metal toolbox for timecapsule. Anything made of metal will work best and stay preserved for the next 50 years. xx -B

  6. Forget the furniture, I need to find the suit that Bobby’s wearing in the last picture!