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Queer Eye Season 5: Jennifer – The Makeover And Reveal

Ready for another makeover (and inspiring story) from Queer Eye Season 5? This week, I’m sharing a hero who’s a super mom – and the makeover that transformed her home (and family).

Keep coming back each week for an inside look at how all the transformations happened and how to create the makeovers we gave to the heroes in your own space. 

We meet Jennifer Sweeney in Episode 7- “Silver Lining Sweeney”. (Spoilers ahead per usual!) Jennifer is a mom who does it all. In addition to raising 3 daughters, working, and keeping the home running smoothly, she’s also taking care of her husband who was diagnosed with ALS. She’s feeling overwhelmed physically and emotionally and needs to learn to take a breath and enjoy the present -without worrying about the future.

The Fab Five step in to teach Jennifer how to slow down, take time for herself, and give her wardrobe and home and fresh new look.

To help Jennifer really enjoy her home, we transformed the front patio, living room, and kitchen into soothing spots where she and her family can truly spend quality time.

Keep scrolling to see the results of Jennifer’s home makeover, along with all the shoppable products for you to bring the look home.


And if you missed any of our previous makeovers, be sure to check out Noah, Rahanna, Kevin, and Tyreek from Season 5;  Deanna, Kenny, Wanda, Kathi, Matt, and Wesley from Season 4; and Rob, Jess, Robert and Jody from Season 3. We’ve also pulled together all the products from every makeover HERE.




  1. Love the light, breezy, beach-y feel of everything!!

    1. Me too. Hope you enjoyed the story and thanks for reading! xx -B

  2. Dear Bobby,
    You & your wonderful Fab 5 team are such an inspiration!!! I love what you all do to help in transforming the lives of those lucky people featured in your shows! You bring such expertise and joy into all our homes!
    I really really hope that this part of the country (Tyler, TX) can learn from you. Being the proverbial “buckle” of the Bible Belt, it can be terribly & hypocritically intolerant of people who don’t walk what is their idea of the right way. My own son was victimized by several key people’s hatred of gay men. Steven has since, moved to San Diego, thankfully, where I lived for 22 years, playing opera & symphony. I also had the pleasure of living in Portsmouth, NH! Becoming a widow brought my daughter and me back to the place of my birth. Both coasts are beckoning, so maybe there’ll be another move someday for me!
    Love and best wishes to you, dear Bobby!

    1. Thank you for sharing your story. Please know that you are not alone in these struggles and I hope you can find a place of support for you and your family. Sending you all my love and thanks so much for reading. xx -B

  3. This place was awesome !!! Wanted to know if you would be able to help me find the bar cabinet info, I was so excited when I saw the episode to see it and would love to look into purchasing for our home .

    Thanks in advance,
    Ally ❤️

    1. The bar cabinet can be found here. Thanks so much for your comment! xx -B

      1. She was so excited about the bar, it definitely made me want one in my living room! Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful ideas! Looking forward to coping them in my space!

  4. Your an amazing designer Bobby! Keep it coming! You really make it hands on for us to personalize/duplicate your design styles 🙂

  5. What carpet did you install in the living room?

    1. We used an off white berber carpet (that’s also stain resistant!) Thanks for your comment. xx -B

  6. Hi Bobby! I’ve been looking for a dining room chandelier for months and when I saw the one you put over Jennifer’s dining room table I knew immediately it was what I’ve been looking for. Can you help me find it? Thank you for everything you do!

    1. That fixture is unfortunately no longer available, but you can shop similar options here and here. Thanks so much for reading! xx -B

  7. You are so talented! You make this look so easy! This is one of my favorite makeovers! Would you be willing to share with me where you got the slipcovered chairs for the dining room? Or did you just slipcover her existing chairs?

    1. Thank you! Yes, just slipcovered her existing chairs. You can find a similar option here. xx -B