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Queer Eye Season 4: Deanna – The Makeover And Reveal

If you’ve already binged Queer Eye Japan (we have!) and need some more makeover goodness, well, we’ve got you covered. Today we’re bringing you all the details on Deanna from Season 4. 

We meet Deanna Munoz in episode 6 of Season 4. (You know the drill- spoilers ahead.) Deanna is the founder of the Latino Arts Festival, a yearly event that celebrates Latinx artists in Kansas City. She is proud of her cultural heritage and passionate about promoting underrepresented artists, but feels conflicted about fitting in to the Latino community and the professional business world.

The Fab Five steps in to help Deanna discover her unique voice, and show her she doesn’t have to fit into any mold- she can just be her authentic self. (As for keeping her signature super teased hair, that was another story!)


We designed the office for the Latino Arts Festival from the ground up, taking a totally empty space and transforming it into a vibrant and functional workspace that would give Deanna the boost she needed to take herself, and her business, to the next level.

Keep scrolling to see the amazing before and afters, along with shopable product for you to get the look. And if you missed any of  our previous makeovers, be sure to check out Kenny, Wanda, Kathi, Matt, Wesley, Rob,  Jess, Robert and Jody. We’ve also pulled together all the products from every makeover HERE.



Photo: Christopher Smith