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Queer Eye Season 4: Kenny – The Makeover And Reveal

While we’re getting excited for the premiere of Queer Eye Japan this Friday, we thought we would share one more makeover in the meantime. Today we’re bringing you all the details on Kenny from Season 4. 

We meet Kenny Yarnevich in episode 5 of Season 4. (You know the drill- spoilers ahead.) He’s a 64 year old bachelor who runs the St. John’s Catholic Club, and is most often found behind the bar at the social club. He lives in his late parents home, which hasn’t been changed at all since the 1970s.

We wanted to help Kenny move out of the past, providing him with a space that was truly his and where could proudly host his extended family. And along with his new space and look, Kenny adopts a new dog too (and he named him Fab Five!)

We gave a new look to the living room, dining room, kitchen and master bedroom, transforming his space into a real home that reflected Kenny, and gave him a positive push for the future.

Keep scrolling to see the amazing before and afters, along with shopable product for you to get the look. If you missed any of  our previous makeovers, be sure to check out Wanda, Kathi, MattWesleyRob, Jess, Robert and Jody. We’ve also pulled together all the products from every makeover HERE.







Photo: Christopher Smith


Photo: Christopher Smith

  1. In the episode with Kenny from Season 4, you painted the living room with an amazing dark green. I’m in love. What is the brand and color name?
    Also, keep up the great work. You’re so inspiring.
    Thank you!

  2. Dignity… Queer Eye’s most wonderful gift.

  3. Hello! I’m dying to redo my staircase to have balusters just like what you did for Kenny’s house. I’ve search the internet high and low for a better photo but can’t find anything. Do you have a picture of just the stairs?

    1. I don’t have a photo of just the stairs, but you can find a similar baluster here. Thanks for your comment. xx -B

  4. I am IN LOVE with that dark green in the living room!! What is the brand/color!? PLEASE!!