Queer Eye Season 5: Lily- The Makeover And Reveal

For Queer Eye Season 5, I’ve shared all sorts of unique stories, inspiring heroes, and of course, dramatic home makeovers.  And there’s just one episode left to share before this season comes to a close. For the final reveal, I’m sharing a young doctor  – and the makeover that gave her home the care it needed. 


We meet Lilly Yi in Episode 9 -” Paging Dr. Yi”. Lily is a Pediatrician who’s finished her medical residency and is starting her first job. Like many working moms, she feels a sense of guilt about not being home with her young daughter. And while her career is moving forward, her home (and sense of style) seems to be stuck in her college days.


The Fab Five spring to action to teach Lilly how to find a better work-life balance while also embracing a confident new look.

For this makeover, Lilly’s home went from lacking purpose to totally polished, as we transformed her dining room, living room, bedroom, and even her daughter’s room!

Keep scrolling to see the results of Lilly’s makeover, along with all the shoppable products for you to bring the look home.



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Daughter’s Bedroom