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Queer Eye Season 5: Nate – The Makeover And Reveal

Been missing your Queer Eye re-caps? Don’t worry – we’re back with another makeover (and inspiring story) from Season 5. This week, I’m sharing a hero who’s physically fit – and the makeover that got his home (and business) in shape.

Keep coming back each week for an inside look at how all the transformations happened and how to create the makeovers we gave to the heroes in your own space. 

We meet Nate McIntyre in Episode 10- “Body Rock Or Bust”. (Spoilers ahead per usual!) Nate is a personal trainer who runs his own gym- Bodyrock Boot Camp. While he’s totally focusing on getting his clients in shape, he’s neglected his own well-being, improving his business and his personal living space.

So to help him get on track,  the Fab Five stepped in to upgrade his wardrobe, create a new website for his business, and of course, get his gym and home in top shape. He’s left with renewed confidence, feeling physically and mentally fit, and ready to take only any challenge.

For this makeover, we transformed Nate’s gym (just in time for the re-opening), along with his kitchen and bedroom, giving him a proper space to get clients pumped, and a personal space to focus on being his best self. 

Keep scrolling to see the results of Nate’s home (and gym) makeover, along with all the shoppable products for you to bring the look home.


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