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Queer Eye Season 5: Ryan- The Makeover And Reveal

It’s time for another awesome makeover (and inspiring story) from Season 5. This week, I’m sharing a DJ whose life is stuck on repeat  – and the makeover that gave him a brand new beat.

Keep coming back each week for an inside look at how all the transformations happened and how to create the makeovers we gave to the heroes in your own space. 

We meet Ryan Dyer in Episode 6 – DJs ” On Repeat”. Ryan is a  property manager during the week, but on weekends, he’s spinning tunes at the Jersey Shore as DJ High Def. While he’s happy balancing his dual careers, what he’s really searching for is someone to share his life with. And by constantly comparing himself to his father and brothers (and their families), he’s unable to see his own accomplishments.

That’s where the Fab Five stepped in! We showed Ryan how to be the best version of his totally unique self, and embrace his own path in life. With newfound confidence (and a polished new look) he was ready to take on the world.

For this makeover, we took Ryan’s home from bachelor pad to totally grown-up, transforming his dining room, kitchen, home office, closet, and main bathroom. This DJ’s home got a whole new beat!

Keep scrolling to see the results of Ryan’s makeover, along with all the shoppable products for you to bring the look home.



And if you missed any of our previous makeovers, be sure to check out Marcos, Abby, Nate, Jennifer, Noah, Rahanna, Kevin, and Tyreek from Season 5;  Deanna, Kenny, Wanda, Kathi, Matt, and Wesley from Season 4; and Rob, Jess, Robert and Jody from Season 3. We’ve also pulled together all the products from every makeover HERE.








  1. how did you handle the plug and chord for the light on the desk in the office. thanks – suzy

    1. Great question! Since there was no floor outlet, after filming we added this strip to house the cord and plugged it into the wall outlet. xx -B

      1. Hi Bobby!.
        I absolutely love your style and obviously I think you beautiful 5 are all amazing!
        I live in London and I wondering if you use any websites that cover the UK on any in any of your makeovers?


  2. Hi Bobby! So I know you guys get there and from what we see, it looks like you haven’t seen the rooms before. When do you order your items to get there on time? Are you a high priority customer for some of the venders? You have such a small window of time! So much fun though ?

    1. My team and I start planing these makeovers months prior to filming, otherwise we would never be able to source everything in time (no matter how high priority!) xx -B

  3. I love your style! I’m starting over decorating my home @ 52 with my fiancé. I love old and new items and he’s ok with just abt anything. I’m looking at everything you do bc I am such a fan!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment and support! Hope you and your husband enjoy redecorating your space. xx -B

      1. Hi Bobby!
        I’m a true Austinite here in Austin, TX. I love your style and was wondering what are some of your new favorite places to shop that you’ve found here in our city? Thank you! ???

  4. Hi Bobby! I wanted to know if you will be sharing the details on the bedroom for this makeover? I am dying to know where the art piece over the bed came from! -D-

    1. We won’t be sharing the full details of the bedroom, but you can find the artwork here. Thanks for your comment. xx -B

      1. I’m personally dying to know who made the slatted console/possible dresser in the bedroom? ?

        1. That item is no longer available, but you can find a similar option here. Thanks for commenting! xx -B

  5. Hi Bobby! I wanted to know if you knew where the bedding/pillows from the episode was sourced from? I know you guys aren’t sharing the full details but I really loved it so I thought I’d ask!

    1. I loved, loved loved this makeover! And this is also the episode where I wanted to shop things from the QE loft in Texas, specifically those (what looks like) iron nesting tables, where are they from? I’d love to see a post on the HQ!!

      1. Thanks so much! We are planning to share details on the QE house soon. Stay tuned! xx -B