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Queer Eye Season 5: Marcos- The Makeover And Reveal

It’s time for another awesome makeover (and inspiring story) from Season 5. This week, I’m sharing a hero who’s living the American dream  – and the makeover that got his new restaurant up and running. 

Keep coming back each week for an inside look at how all the transformations happened and how to create the makeovers we gave to the heroes in your own space. 

We meet Marcos Tiacopilco in Episode 8 – “Father Knows Fish”. Having immigrated from Puebla, Mexico over 20 years ago, Marcos built a new life, grew his family, while also started his own business, Marcos’ Fish & Crab House. And while he’s been dedicated to keeping his business thriving, he’s missing out on quality time with his family.

So the Fab Five step in to give him a new look, help him find a work and life balance, and launch his new restaurant,  Alma Del Mar (named after his wife).

For this makeover, we tackled our first-ever restaurant re-do, transforming an empty shell of a space into a showcase for colorful decor – and equally colorful cuisine.

Keep scrolling to see the results of Marcos’ makeover, along with all the shoppable products for you to bring the look home.



And if you missed any of our previous makeovers, be sure to check out Abby, Nate, Jennifer, Noah, Rahanna, Kevin, and Tyreek from Season 5;  Deanna, Kenny, Wanda, Kathi, Matt, and Wesley from Season 4; and Rob, Jess, Robert and Jody from Season 3. We’ve also pulled together all the products from every makeover HERE.




  1. I love how the oversize graphic not only “anchors” (pun intended) the restaurant theme and color scheme, but also moves the energy into the space. When are you coming back to Austin, TX?