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Queer Eye Season 6: Josh – The Makeover And Reveal

Howdy partners! Y’all ready for another look at the heroes and makeovers from Queer Eye Season 6? Because today, we’re headed to the country to meet a rugged Rancher (and give you all the details behind one of Bobby’s most ambitious designs yet!)

We meet Josh Eilers in Episode 3 – “No More Bull”. After becoming one of the youngest Army Rangers in history, Josh now owns and operates a ranch specializing in wagyu beef. And while his ranch may be the best in the business, his personal life, home (and grooming skills) are certainly lacking. Ready to settle down, Josh wants to show his ex Kayla that he can embrace positive changes – and make up for his past mistakes.

The Fab Five arrive on the ranch to help Josh kick off his muddy boots, practice some self-care, and focus on a bright future.


And for this design makeover, Bobby didn’t just tackle a few rooms – he literally gave Josh a whole new house (in the form of a pre-fab shipping container).


Keep scrolling to see the amazing results of Josh’s makeover, along with the shoppable products for you to bring the look home.

Be sure to come back each week for an inside look at how all the Season 6 transformations happened – and learn how to create the heroes’ makeovers in your own space! 


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EXTERIOR – Before & After

   We upgraded Josh to a brand new shipping container home from Bob’s Containers. 

LIVING AREA & KITCHEN – Before & After

BEDROOM – Before & After

BATHROOM – Before & After

Have a question about a specific item used in Josh’s Makeover? Leave a comment below and we’ll track it down!


  1. Where are the beautiful gloss grey bowls on the kitchen shelf from? Hasami?

    1. The bowls we used are no longer available for purchase, but, yes, Hasami has a very similar option available. xx -B

  2. Wondering how you deal with permits and plumbing when the new home is in a new space? Also, was there an area for him to store clothes in this home?

    1. Yes, there are two wardrobes in the bedroom for storage. You can learn more about the specifics of the container, plumbing and installation here. xx -B

  3. What paint color is the interior walls?

  4. I just watched this episode last night and was blown away!! I have never been a home improvement or interior decorating geek but I would seriously watch you on your own show!

  5. The black mirror/medicine cabinet in the bathroom, please?

    1. The medicine cabinet is actually the gray model featured in the post. We painted it black to match the other items in the bathroom. xx -B

  6. I wonder could you talk about citing the trailer/container home. Did you put it on a slab? And where did you decide to put it in the property? And why? I heard you talking about trees during the show.

    1. Prior to the container being delivered, we had a team level the property and remove any tree limbs. Then the container is trucked into place and secured. You can learn all about the process here. xx- B

  7. Season 6 episode 8 – where do the brown leather(?) chairs in the lunch room come from?

    1. We’ll be sharing info on Chris’ makeover soon. Stay tuned! xx -B

  8. SUCH a big fan of QE & LOVE all the ‘makeovers’ of ‘heroes’ in all five of the areas. I’ve even tried a French tuck on my 71-year-old body!!!
    I laugh & cry at EVERY SINGLE episode & can’t say enough good things about not only the episodes, but all of the ‘guys.’

    1. Everyone can try the French tuck! So glad you are enjoying the show. xx -B

  9. Dying to find the cage ceiling fan from Josh’s bedroom!

  10. I know this question isn’t about Josh’s episode (amazing!) but, I am completely enamored with the bedside tables in Chris’s episode. Can you please share? Thank you!

    1. We will be sharing Chris’ makeover soon. Stay tuned. xx -B

  11. Hi! In this episode, where did the sink/vanity in the bathroom come from? Obsessed with this entire makeover! Thank you! 🙃

  12. Bingeing season 6 in one night brought joy and tears, encouraged empathy and understanding, and then, an explosion of creativity and delight! Wow
    Bobby Berk, you’re a genius. And all the skillful team kick’n butt! I want to build the porch y’all built for Josh Eilers. I have a 30ft Tiny house. Would the team be willing to share any materials list and plans?
    Thank you for your light in the world, blessings for everyone, no exceptions!

    1. Thank you so much for those kind words! You can find out all the info on the container home (including the deck) at Bob’s Containers. xx -B

  13. Hi Bobby, love all of your home makeovers!! Where is the cow photo in the living room from? I wanted one for my master bedroom re-do and remember seeing it linked somewhere a few months back. Thanks!

    1. The cow artwork is actually a custom piece that my design team created for Josh! But here is a similar piece of cow art. xx -B