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Queer Eye Season 7: Lambda Chi Alpha – The Makeover & Reveal

Have you watched Queer Eye Season 7 yet? Personally, we’re loving all the Southern charm and big hearts on display in the Big Easy. And we’ve got another memorable episode to share today, including a Queer Eye first- a fraternity! The brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha are about to get an education in style, taste, and class – and we’ve got all the details. 

We meet the brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha in Episode 1 – “Queer Eye for the Lambda Chi”.


Cooper Lemon, Josh Johnson, Ryan Parker, Josh Allen, and Ian Raybourn are all frat brothers at the University of New Orleans. They’ve developed a strong brotherhood and bond over the years – but have also developed some rather unappealing habits (and a frat house that was pretty gross when the Fab Five arrived). The boys may be lacking direction and focus, but they’re ready to improve their outlook (and their frathouse) in order to impress alumni and keep the fraternity funded.


After getting over the initial shock of frat house living (and a lot of dead flies), the Fab Five all take on professor roles, teaching the brothers how to dress for success, make a classic New Orleans muffuletta sandwich, and get in touch with their emotions through male bonding.


And as for this design makeover, Bobby educated the boys on what it means to take pride in your space while turning this frathouse into a Showhouse. He totally revamped the kitchen, parlor, media room, and lounge, creating a space the brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha can be proud of.  

Keep scrolling to see the amazing results of Lambda’s frathouse makeover, along with the shoppable products for you to bring the look to your home!



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KITCHEN– Before & After

Bobby commissioned a custom kitchen island featuring the fraternity’s Greek letters!



A messy back porch was transformed into the perfect area to lounge, study and spend quality time together.

Have a question about a specific item used in Lambda Chi Alpha’s Makeover? Leave a comment below and we’ll track it down!


  1. Hi! What paint color is the wall in the media room?

    1. Hi Sydney, The paint colors used in the media room were Brinjal (Farrow and Ball), Cola (Farrow and Ball) and Amazing Grey (Sherwin Williams). Hope that helps! xx -B

  2. What color is the paint in the media room and entry/bookshelf area? Looks great, thank you so much!

    1. Hey Cameron, The paint colors were Brinjal (Farrow and Ball), Cola (Farrow and Ball) and Amazing Grey (Sherwin Williams). Hope that helps! xx -B

  3. Hey I just wanted to say that I love you guys. My mom won’t let me watch QE at home yet because my sister is too young so I watch it at my friends’ house. You are so inspiring.

    1. Thanks so much for supporting our show! Sending you all my love. xx -B