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The New Bobby Berk Office: Selecting The Perfect Stone & Tile

When it comes to kitchens and baths (or even laundry rooms) there’s one decision that will dictate the entire design: selecting stone & tile. The right materials can definitely make (or break) a space. So for Bobby’s new office, we knew that picking the ideal stone and tile was an absolute must – and today we’re showing you just how we did it. 

Selecting stone and tile can definitely be a daunting process, with so many options, materials, and applications out there. But there are some easy ways you can avoid getting overwhelmed.  Just follow our lead – and expert advice- as we take you along in the process of picking out all the stone and tile for the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room in our new space.


Keep scrolling to see all the stone and tile we selected – and some behind-the-scenes photos of how it’s all coming together.


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How We Started The Process

After focusing in on the design style and inspiration for the space, we could then start to select the materials that would make our vision come to life. For stone and tile, that meant reviewing lots of samples (and more than a few visits to local slab yards and tile showrooms). We then began to build out a material palette, and compare stone and tile with the other elements in each room, from flooring to hardware to finishes. Taking a holistic look at each room enabled us to know exactly how all the materials would connect, complement and balance each other – and find the stone and tile that would tie it all together.


As the center of the home (literally and figuratively), we knew the kitchen needed to have a real wow moment. It’s one of the first spaces you see when entering the front door and connects the living, dining, and conference areas on the first floor. So in order to create something really eye-catching, it wasn’t just about choosing a gorgeous stone – but also about how we installed it. So we decided to clad the entire 12-foot island in a polished Calcatta marble from Daltile, with a waterfall design of stone extending down both sides and the front. And to make things even more interesting (and high end), we also book-matched all the sides (matching two slabs so that the two adjoining surfaces mirror each other like an opened book).

To contrast the polished stone on the island, we then opted for a weathered white zellige tile from Clé. The handmade quality and variations in color make this tile a great choice for adding character and bringing in some texture.

The Downstairs Bathroom

From the very beginning, our team knew we wanted the office to have a very cohesive color palette throughout the entire space, with a mix of black, white, and earthy, neutral tones. But in the downstairs bath, we decided to make one small exception – and bring in a more saturated tone. The cindered olive Zellige tile from Clé would certainly stand out (but not in a totally wild way) and provide that organic and handmade feeling we totally love. Plus laying the flooring in a herringbone pattern would also add another level of interest.

As for the floating vanity and shower stall, we wanted to go simple, with a stone that still had some subtle veining. And we stumbled upon the perfect slab at Daltile. First Snow Marble had just the right amount of color variation, and when polished, created an ideal contrast with the tile floor.

The Upstairs Bathroom

Heading upstairs, we were prepared to go darker – and a lot more dramatic with our selections. With a black and white palette as a starting point, we brought together a mix of different shapes, sizes, and stones to create a classic feel with some definite modern moments.  Starting with the walls, we chose a variation on a classic subway tile, with a 2.5″ x 8″ Olympic brick tile from Fireclay. And by stacking it vertically, we would also give it a contemporary twist.

For something bold – that you don’t see in many bathrooms today- we opted for stone baseboards in Nero Marquina honed marble (with a matching Nero Marquina honed marble 2″ hexagon tile for the shower floor).  And for the vanity countertop, we were looking for a stone that would provide a middle ground color-wise, settling in on the grey tones of a Balsatina marble from Daltile. But the real star of this bathroom would come courtesy of a bold patterned floor using Carrara, Bardiglio Gray, and Nero Marquina marble. These stones complement each other quite well – and come together for a real dynamic work of art (that just happens to be on a bathroom floor). 


The Main Bathroom

As the largest bathroom in the office, this room gave us plenty of space to showcase materials. So we wanted to select a mixture of stone and style that would feel organic, elevated, and even a little unexpected. Starting with the walls, we went with one of our all-time favorites, the weathered white Zellige tile from Clé. It really hits that sweet spot of feeling both modern and classic, while creating a backdrop with so much character. As a counterpoint to the handmade and uneven texture, the vanity counter we chose is a Calcatta Gold Marble from Daltile.  With gorgeous honey and grey veining, it picks up the tones of the wall tile and offers a smooth and sleek contrast.

And for that unexpected part we mentioned?  That would come courtesy of the reproduction flemish terracotta tile from Clé.  Based on a Belgian design, the unique circle and diamond pattern had us totally smitten. And when fully grouted and sealed, these tiles will take on a rich charcoal tone that will really stand out (and stand up to everyday use).



The Laundry Room

Who said your laundry room had to be run of the mill? Even the most functional of spaces can have fun too! So we decided to give this space something a bit more playful – in the form of a graphic Fallow tile from Fireclay. The semi-circle shape will round out the floors, while a petite 1”x 4” mosaic tile (also from Fireclay) will clad the walls. We love how these two different tiles contrast in shape and size, but because they’re both simple and graphic, still work oh-so-well together.



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