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Bobby Berk Headquarters: 4 Ways Art Can Transform A Space

There are lots and lots of ways to make a space come together. One of our hands-down favorites (and a great way to add a unique touch) is artwork. The right piece on your walls can make all the difference and instantly elevate your interior. So let us show you how to make it happen in your home – and 4 ways we used art to transform the Bobby Berk HQ!

At the Bobby Berk Headquarters, we had a lot of things to consider when it came to the design – and lots of wall space to fill! Working with our friends at Tappan, we sourced artwork in a variety of mediums and sizes from their selection of emerging artists. We found the perfect pieces to complement each area, adding interest and visual appeal. And you can do the same in your own space! So let’s discover the 4 ways art can transform a space – and shop all the pieces we used from Tappan!



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Ways Art Can Transform A Space

1. Create An Eye Catching Gallery Wall

In our Conference room, we really wanted to make an artistic impact. And with a 16-foot-long wall, we had plenty of room to do so! We decided to go big, opting for a gallery wall that would surround the fireplace and fill nearly the entire space. To keep it from looking too chaotic, we stuck to a minimal color palette and graphic, abstract pieces from Tappan, as well as Bobby’s own line for Leftbank art. We varied the size and scale of pieces to keep your eye moving and ended up with a statement-making feature at our headquarters.



Ways Art Can Transform A Space

2. Fill An Awkward Wall Space

Every space has at least one. You know, those awkward areas that you’re just not sure what to do with. At our headquarters, a couple of walls fell into this category. The wall in the stairwell was a huge blank canvas in desperate need of some design attention. Our solution? Add an oversize piece of art from Tappan (see the before and after below) that would fill the wall and bring in something special.

A narrow wall between two archways in the living room also presented a bit of a conundrum. Do we leave it empty, or bring in something to break it up the space? In this case, we opted for a pair of small pieces of art from the same series, creating a subtle moment that added to the overall appeal.



Ways Art Can Transform A Space

3. Bring Interest To A Hallway

An upstairs hallway that leads to our office area is primarily a functional space. But that doesn’t mean it can’t look great too! We treated this hallway as a mini gallery, bringing in a pair of prints from Tappan that would give us some stimulation each time we passed by. And you can do the same in your own hallway, whether it’s long, short, narrow, or wide.



Ways Art Can Transform A Space

4. Add A Dose Of Color

There is one thing the Bobby Berk Headquarters doesn’t have: A lot of color. (What can we say, we love black and white!) But for two of the bathrooms, we decided to inject a few other tones through artwork. In the Powder Room, a large-scale figural photograph from Tappan adds shades of orange, green, and red to the minimal design. While in the Guest Bathroom upstairs, some subtle terracotta in the print by Leigh Wells breaks up all the black and white.