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Queer Eye Season 7: Steph – Makeover & Reveal

Have you taken your trip to New Orleans yet? Well, not an actual trip, but a journey to the Big Easy via Queer Eye Season 7! The Fab Five are living it up, and helping transform the lives of lots of deserving folks. And with Pride Month just a few days away, today we’re highlighting an LGBTQIA+ hero who discovers how to truly love herself – and share that love with her partner. 

We meet Steph Williams in Episode 2 – “Superfan Steph”. Steph is a New Orleans Saints superfan living at her father’s home with her partner of 6 years, Rachael. The couple has purchased a new home, and are anxious to start their new life together (and finally have some privacy). But Steph is struggling with her queer identity and confidence, which in turn is affecting her relationship and outlook on life.  She’s uncomfortable holding hands in public and has trauma from a homophobic incident that occurred years ago. But underneath it all, there’s a bright and outgoing fan ready to live her best (out) life!

The Fab Five arrive to cheer on this superfan, clear out some of her sports memorabilia, and help her connect with herself and her partner in a deep, meaningful and healing way.


And as for this design makeover, Bobby had the opportunity to work with a completely blank canvas, as he designed Steph’s brand-new (empty) home. He fully furnished the living room, kitchen, dining room, office, bedroom, and backyard – making this house into a real home!

Keep scrolling to see the amazing results of Steph’s makeover, along with the shoppable products for you to bring the look to your home!



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LIVING ROOM– Before & After


BEDROOM– Before & After


  1. Bobby
    I really enjoy your design and products.
    My question is this – is it OK to have fake plants in your house? I regularly kill plants but would like some greenery. I have heard it’s good for you mentally to have free, and living things. Does this still apply if they are fake? It is it tacky now?
    Sarah Duncan

    1. It’s absolutely ok! Greenery in any form is a great addition. Check out this post for some of my favorite faux options! xx -B

    2. Hi Sarah, Yes absolutely! Having some greenery – even if they are fake – is still great for your home. Plus there are so many great quality faux plants that look and feel very real these days. Hope that helps! xx -B

  2. This is probably my favorite home makeover ever done on the show! It’s both elegant and relaxed and feels perfectly New Orleans. Fantastic job! I will be getting allllll my inspo from this one!

    1. Thank you so much!! So happy that you loved it too. xx -B

  3. Love this! Is there a link to the living room rug?

    1. The rug is from West Elm Here. Thanks so much for watching! xx -B

  4. Hi! I absolutely love the bedroom design. Where is the headboard from and what is the ceiling color? <3

  5. Hello, loved the office makeover. Can you please provide a link to the desk?

    1. Thanks so much for your question! The desk is from World Market but not sold online. It’s called the wood and gold metal Sloan desk! xx -B

  6. I need all the pottery from the living room! Can you tell me where the pots and vases are from?

    1. Hi Bernadette, the pots and vases are actually from a mix of stores from the local area: thrift shops, antique malls, World Market, Target, At Home and Homegoods. Hope that helped! Thanks again for watching. xx -B

  7. Bobby,

    You KILLED this makeover!! Where are those doors behind the nightstand from??

  8. Hi Bobby!

    I love the dark color of the bedroom ceiling. Will you please tell me the color and brand?
    I’ve been wanting to do that in my bedroom, but I’m afraid to get the wrong black shade.

    Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Lisa! Sorry for the late reply here – The black paint used should be Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams. Thanks so much for reading! xx -B