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3 Stylish DIY Ideas To Steal From Our Casa Tierra Project

Photo: The Rachael Ray Show

There’s a lot to love about our Casa Tierra project. From unique details to stand out spaces, it’s certainly full of attractive design elements. And today, we’re making it easier than ever to recreate some of our favorite Casa Tierra features – with 3 stylish DIY ideas you’ll want to steal for your own space!

Bobby appeared on the Rachael Ray Show to share not one, but 3 stylish DIY ideas – all inspired by our Casa Tierra project! And we’re bringing you all the details (and products) you’ll need to create them in your own home.



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STYLISH DIY ideas from casa tierra

1. Create A Basket Pendant Light 

At Casa Tierra, we used a cluster of custom woven pendant lights to make a dramatic installation in the living room. And while these were handwoven in Tunisia, you don’t have to travel further than your local store to recreate the look! All you need is 2 simple items: a wide weave basket (that will allow light to shine through) and a pendant light kit. Simply take your woven basket (rattan works well) and thread your pendant light kit through the bottom until the socket is flush with basket. Add a bulb, hang, and you’ve got a one of a kind light – for a lot less! You can also watch Bobby show you all the steps.

Watch all of the DIYs from Bobby’s appearance on the Rachael Ray show!



STYLISH DIY ideas from casa tierra

2. Add Peel & Stick Wallpaper

We’ve shared plenty of ideas for punching up your home with peel and stick wallpaper. But here are 2 more unexpected areas that can also make a big impact. Adding wallpaper to your closet or a narrow hallway (like we did at Casa Tierra) brings in a whole lot of interest to a space that is usually overlooked. Peel and stick is easy to apply, and most importantly, temporary, so it’s also a breeze to remove.

“Most people don’t think of putting wallpaper in a closet, but I love putting it in a closet because it just adds that little cool moment. Like you pull your clothes apart about you’re like ‘oh there’s that cute wallpaper.’”

STYLISH DIY ideas from casa tierra

3. Swap Full-Sized Rugs For Runners 

Here’s a DIY that’s really just a simple swap – and will save you money. Instead of purchasing a large rug for your bedroom, opt for a (less expensive) runner instead. When we couldn’t fine the right size rug for the primary bedroom at Casa Tierra, we went with a cool graphic runner that fit perfectly. A runner provides the softness you crave when getting in and out of bed, without the extra cost of a large rug that’s going to be partially hidden under the bed. You can even place a runner on each side for more substantial floor coverage.