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Bobby’s Favorite Queer Eye Design Makeovers

Over the course of 7 seasons (and a trip to Japan), Bobby has completed 63 Queer Eye design makeovers! (That’s a whole lot of paint, furniture, decor – and tears from happy heroes.) From apartments to houses, businesses to barns, he’s given new life to all sorts of spaces. But which designs stand out as the most memorable?  Let’s take a trip down memory lane and look back at Bobby’s favorite Queer Eye Design Makeovers.

Every Queer Eye hero has left a lasting mark on the series – and has a special spot in Bobby’s heart. But when it comes to the design makeovers, a few stand out from the past 7 seasons. These are the designs that Bobby is most fond of, whether they were a special space, a compelling design, or a new opportunity to flex his design muscles! So let’s head back through the seasons and reveal Bobby’s favorite Queer Eye Design Makeovers.

queer eye makeovers

Season 7: Dan

Deli owner Dan Stien was a real loveable curmudgeon who spent all his time running his business – and no effort turning his house into a home. So this mismatched space got a whole lot of attention and an elevated (and adult) look. Bobby particularly loved turning Dan’s bedroom into a sophisticated and serene space swathed in his signature neutral color palette and tons of textural elements.

queer eye makeovers

Season 6: Josh

When Bobby arrived, Cattle rancher Josh Eilers was living in a bare-bones trailer. So instead of giving a traditional makeover, he replaced the ENTIRE HOME with a brand new pre-fab shipping container. This was the first time Bobby was able to make such a big change, and he loved the challenge of working in such a narrow footprint and coming up with all sorts of stylish and space-saving design solutions!

queer eye makeovers

Season 5: Noah

Gay Pastor Noah Hepler was devoted to his Philadelphia congregation. His home (the church’s parish house) was receiving less devotion – and needed major repairs. So Bobby moved Noah into the church’s loft and created a totally unique living space that mixed modern with the divine – and gave this diverse church a colorful new sanctuary that is one of a kind.

queer eye makeovers

Season 4: Matt

 Being a Missouri native himself who grew up in the country, Bobby felt a particular connection to Matt Moreland and his farm, Red Barn Ranch. This personal design makeover took Bobby back to his roots, and gave Matt’s home a refined rustic look, while also transforming his barn into a beautiful venue for events!

queer eye makeovers

Season 3: Jess

Bobby loved capturing the colorful personality of Jess, a queer college student in Lawrence, Kansas who had been through some hard times. He brought in an array of bold accents, eye-catching art, and fun design elements to create a youthful home that felt like a safe space – and a reflection of its irrepressible inhabitant.

Photo: Christopher Smith

queer eye makeovers

Season 7: Lambda Chi Alpha

Bobby never imagined he would be giving a frat house a makeover! But in Season 7, he showed the brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha the power of design to turn a dingy and disorganized space into a functional fraternity with some serious swag. He relished the chance to embrace dark colors, old-school fraternity style, and lots of modern amenities to make these brothers proud of their pad!

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