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Queer Eye DIY: How To Create Angel’s Bookshelf

On the newest season of Queer Eye, Bobby has created lots and lots of inspiring interiors for the deserving heroes. But if you’re wondering how you can bring some of the same custom design elements from the show into your own space, you’re in luck!  Because we’re bringing you easy and affordable ways to create your own DIY version of some of our favorite pieces from Season 6. 

For the first Queer Eye DIY, we’re tackling a stylish storage solution that really elevated Angel’s living room. With plenty of shelf space (and a TV that appears to be floating), this cane-backed bookshelf and media center created a fashionable focal point for the space. And now, we’re showing you how to create the same look in just 6 steps – for a whole lot less!



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Angel’s Bookshelf  -Supplies Needed


  • Bookshelf (We used 3 to create Angels)

  • TV Mount (Ensure it will work for your size of TV before purchasing)

  • Roll of Cane

  • Staple Gun

  • Sturdy Scissors

How To Create The Bookshelf (In 6 Steps)

Want to see more Queer Eye DIYs? Let us know what items you would like to see in the comments below!



  1. Thanks for sharing this hack! So easy and elegant! <3

    1. Thanks so much for reading! xx -B

      1. One of my favorite shows… love Fab 5… you are all so nice ..

        1. Thanks so much for the love! Stay safe and inspired. xx -B

  2. Thanks for posting this! I’ve been wondering how this was done since I’ve watched the episode when it came out!

  3. I love Bobby’s style and accessibility. His spaces are always so inviting.

    1. Thanks for reading – Hope you found some good ideas for your own space! xx -B