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Queer Eye DIY: How To Create Reggie’s Wall Treatment

We’ve already shown you how to create the super stylish bookcase from Angel’s makeover, and the best small space tips we utilized for Josh. And for this week’s Queer Eye DIY, it’s all about giving your walls a unique look – for a whole lot less – as we teach you how to create Reggie’s statement-making wood panel walls. 

Did you love the look of Reggie’s living room as much as we did? From that gorgeous built-in sofa to the graphic works of art, it was definitely one of our favorite spaces from Season 6. But one feature that really made the room stand out was the wood panel walls, which added depth and architectural detail. And now we’re showing you how to achieve the same stylish look. Keep scrolling to see how to create Reggie’s wall treatment– and shop the DIY products you need to tackle this project.



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Reggie’s Wall Treatment  -Supplies Needed


  • Wood Strips (We used 1″ x 2″ for panels and 1″ x 4″ for ceiling molding. You can have these cut to the correct height at your local hardware store)

  • Level

  • Tape Measure

  • Adhesive

  • Hammer

  • Finishing Nails 

A Few Tips Before You Start…


  • We recommend 2 people for this DIY. 

  • If you have an existing crown or floor molding, you will want your boards to be the same depth (so they end seamlessly into the molding).

  • If you don’t have molding (like Reggie’s home), you can create your own with 1″ x 4″ boards mounted horizontally to the ceiling and floor.

  • We left Reggie’s wall with an unfinished natural pine look, but you can also sand and stain the boards. Or for a more tone-on-tone look (that resembles beadboard), you can also paint the boards the same color as your wall.

  • Consider this treatment on just one wall to create a more prominent focal point in your room (and make installation a bit easier).

The Before & After