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Queer Eye Season 7: Jenni – The Makeover And Reveal

Queer Eye Season 7 has been out for a few weeks, but the party is far from over! We’re still celebrating the new season – and all the heroes from New Orleans. And today, we’re taking a look at an educator who got a few lessons in style, self-confidence, and creating a fresh start!   

We meet Jenni Seckel in Episode 4 – “Jenni Seckel’s Diary ”. For 6 years, Jenni served as principal for a KIPP New Orleans school. A devoted educator, she gave her all to her students and staff. But along the way, she began to lose herself in her work (along with her self-confidence). Jenni is now transitioning to a supervisor position but is having trouble letting go and embracing her new role.

The Fab Five arrive at Jenni’s school to give her a few lessons – teaching her to love herself, accept change, and move forward into a successful future.

And as for this design makeover, Bobby turned Jenni’s home into an easy but elegant space suited for a stylish professional. He transformed the entry, living room, office, and bedroom, using shades of black & white for classic appeal.

Keep scrolling to see the amazing results of Jenni’s makeover, along with the shoppable products for you to bring the look to your home!



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ENTRY– Before & After

LIVING ROOM– Before & After


BEDROOM– Before & After

  1. Absolutely incredible! I’m obsessed

    1. So glad you loved it!! I can’t wait to share more! xx -B

  2. Dear Bobby,

    We absolutely adore the show and every one of the Fab Five!!! The impact you have on the people chosen to be on the show is really impressive. My husband and I never make it through an episode without tearing up.

    I have one thought (unsolicited advice) about your style in both the houses and gardens you do: simplify. I think the saying that “less is more” is so true! Coco Chanel used to say she would get completely dressed to go out —and then take off one thing. It’s great advice.

    Keep up the fantastic work you are all doing! – Kirsten

  3. Dear Bobby,

    I just want to comment to say I strongly disagree with the reviewer who gave the unsolicited advice to go simpler. I think that would ruin your incredible gift and make you like all the knockoff designers who want their house to look like a suburban mom decorated it in the 90s.

  4. Can you tell me what brand and color of black paint you used on the stairs? I’m obsessed with the way this looks and I want to try it on mine!

    1. Hi Susan, The paint color used on the stairs of Jenni’s house was Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams. xx -B