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Queer Eye Season 7: Mary – The Makeover & Reveal

Need a little interior (and life) inspiration? Check out Queer Eye Season 7!  You’re sure to experience an uplifting moment, and probably a few tears along the way too. And this week’s hero – a woman helping those who were formerly incarcerated-  will certainly leave you feeling all the feels!

We meet Mary in Episode 6 – “Ms. Mary Quite Contrary”. Over 20 years ago, Mary Henderson-Uloho was arrested, and sentenced to 12 years in prison. After being released in 2014, she went on and found SisterHearts, Inc., a thrift store and “decarceration” program that helps other women who have served time in prison, focusing on mental health and healing. While her time in prison took a toll on Mary’s mental health, it also alienated her from her 7 children – and caused her to miss the funeral of her firstborn son. Mary has worked through much of the trauma but is definitely in need of a reset to boost her spirit and help reconnect with her children.

The Fab Five arrive at Mary’s store, and after playing dress up, they get to work giving her all the tools she needs to start really living and let go of the pain from her past. Jonathan cuts off the dreads she has had for 20 years, Tan outfits her in fun colors and flattering silhouettes, and Karama invited her family to meet the new Mary – and start a new chapter together!


As for this design makeover, Bobby got a full refresh to Mary’s home, updating her kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, and bathroom!

Keep scrolling to see the amazing results of Mary’s makeover, along with the shoppable products for you to bring the look to your home!



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KITCHEN– Before & After


BEDROOM– Before & After

BATHROOM– Before & After

  1. Great background on a great ep!

    But, you have

    “After being released in 2014, she went on to hound SisterHearts,”

    Pretty sure you mean

    “After being released in 2014, she went on to FOUND SisterHearts,”

    Take care!

    1. Thanks so much for catching that! All fixed 🙂 xx -B

      1. Great episode! Where is the red dress Tan found for Mary from….asking for the internet!

        1. Where can I buy one of Mary’s specifically made headbands like she wore in the episode?

  2. Can you come to Quebec Canada? I really need some advice 🙂

    1. We would love to visit Quebec! So beautiful out there. If you ever need advice on design, you can search our website or ask your specific question in the comments and I’ll do my best to get back to you. xx -B

  3. Bobby I need to know where those cloud framed art prints are from! I can’t find anything similar on the internet. Thank you!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! Our design team actually painted the art in the living room due to time restraints. xx -B