What’s Your Interior Design Style: A Breakdown of All the Styles

Photo: Decor8
Design: Anette Nilsson

What interior design style are you? It’s one of those questions that as designers, we are constantly asking our clients. And today we are asking you. 

Any time we meet with a new client and start on a project, before we do anything we first take the time to help them navigate through the different “design styles”. This process involves pointing out key features of each so that we can then decipher together what style they fall into. It’s a process of elimination and for many they already know what they love and gravitate towards, but for others, seeing pictures of all the different styles helps them know “ohhh, that definitely isn’t me”. Which then allows us to help get them closer to what is them.

While there are quite a few styles below, this is not meant to be the end-all-be-all list, as styles are constantly changing and evolving, and many if not most people can be a combo of both. That is where the fun comes in for us! So, today it’s a crash course in design styles – let us know in the comments what yours is.


Traditional is one of the oldest, and most common design styles so let’s start with that. The traditional style is rooted in heritage and traditional shapes and forms. You will often find pieces that have not changed at all since they were first created hundreds of years ago. It is all about conscious layering, formality, and incorporating pieces with structure and symmetry.

Photo: Dabito
Design: Justina Blakeny


Bohemian style AKA as Boho to most, has become very popular in the last 5 years although its roots date back much further than that. Boho style is all about pulling together natural and organic elements into a very layered and collected look. You’ll find lots of caning, rattan, bamboo, and textiles in this style mixed with bright and saturated colors. It’s exotic, it’s playful and it’s very layered.

Design: Ann Stephenson


It’s neutral, it’s inviting and it’s casual. It relates to modern in its clean aesthetic and color palette but this style is all about layering neutral textiles and textures to create interest rather than introducing additional color. In this style you’ll find lots of light-toned woods and relaxed textiles mixed with iconic lighting done in black, brass and chrome.


For all intents and purposes, this could be called the slightly more refined cousin of Boho. It has a lot of similarities as far as the collected nature, the colorful combos, and the curated aesthetic. However the pieces are less organic and more styled. Eclectic rooms could be filled with iconic pieces from just about every style, and when done right it all works together.

Design: BluDot


On the opposite end of the spectrum from Boho or Eclectic, lies modern. Many people feel modern can be cold, stark and sterile. But – in reality, modern style is very much rooted in square shapes and forms. You won’t find anything in this style with extra embellishments, and typically the style has a more neutral color palette with the occasional pop of color.


Design: Studio McGee


This style has become very mainstream in the last 5 years – thanks to the popular HGTV show Fixer Upper. The style uses a lot of found and salvaged objects but pulled together in a more modern and refined way. Rather than being too rustic and farmhouse-esque it is more inspired by the latter. You’ll see plaids, blues, greens and lots of white and black used in this style. It is very inviting and comfortable and has a slight tinge of traditional in it without being too formal. Think rustic yet refined.

Photo: Simon Watson
Design: Joseph Dirand


This style is filled with luxe textiles like leather, suede and velvet and jewel toned colors. It’s very high-end and polished and employs all the very finest of finishes. In this style you’ll see a lot of minimal yet impactful touches that give it that posh and elevated look without having to add on too much of the extra detail and fill that you might find in a “Hollywood Regency” style.


Design: Ravi Iyer


Just as the name states – the origins of this style lean more factory-esque and machine. It can lead a bit more masculine than the other styles as it uses a lot of metal, rustic wood, and leathers. However, the softness comes through its neutral color palette and the use of found objects which instantly can give the room some soul and character.



The name inherently gives you a sense of what the style holds. It’s all about the casual beachy atmosphere that you’ll find in many of the homes on the east coast. The style is all about bringing the natural elements of the coast inside your home. There are a lot of white-washed woods, blue tones and plenty of white to help all that beachy sunshine bounce around the room.

Mid-Century Modern

With cues coming heavily from the ’50s and ’60s this style has become one of the most common and relatable styles for many people. The pieces designed during this period have stood the test of time and still remain fresh, modern, and relevant. The lines on many mid-century pieces are simple, clean and minimal and are made out of warm woods with purposeful details and styling.

Design: Studio Niels


A style which has similar cues to modern – minimalist, has very clean lines and simple shapes however the style lives by the the mantra “less is more”. It uses a very, very refined had when selected items for rooms that fall into this style and everything in these rooms must play a purpose. You won’t find too many extra objects or layers.


Photo: Decor8
Design: Anette Nilsson


Hailing from its namesake, Scandinavian design is very much nordic in its roots. It has some similarities to organic modern but reads a bit more simplistic and minimal in its approach. When colors are used, it’s a very soft color palette of pastels balanced out with light-toned woods and lots of whites, creams, and tans. It is inviting, simple and clean yet very warm and relaxed in its styling.

  1. I like it all. If someone came here today and forced me to pick one I’d say boho. But I love the Scandinavian couch. I’d want a soft plushy couch and lots of color!

    1. I am a lover of Hamptons style so I would say beachy with class

    2. I think Industrial may be my style. As a interior designer wanna-be, I enjoy aspects of all styles, but I like industrial personally.

    3. I love most of these but I’ve gotta say that my favourite has gotta be industrial, closely followed by modern farmhouse. I love the gorgeous natural colours!

  2. I think my home is a mixture, but more like Modern Farmhouse! Thank you Bobby! Regards from a very big fan! Livia from Mexico

    1. Thanks for stopping by Livia – and hello to Mexico

  3. i lean toward eclectic and industrial, they are so cozy and comfy. i love having all of these listed out, it’s informative for someone like me who’se doesn’t know a lot about this sort of stuff

    1. Glad you liked it! Thanks for reading through and leaving a comment

    2. Totally went into this thinking I knew my style….yeah….no. I’m definitely into organic modern and minimalist!!!

  4. I see a mix of what is in my mind for our I terior style. Having a hard time applying what’s in my mind to a set idea that conforms more to a labeled name in the retail biz. I read your list of design styles and this helped a ton. I am just feeling stuck between 2 of them with a bit of a 3rd..HELP!!!

    1. I love modern farmhouse, traditional, AND Scandinavian! So confused 😄

    2. Everyone’s style typically is a blend of a few of these styles – that is what makes each persons aesthetic unique. What two styles are you feeling stuck between?!

      1. The Organic modern chair is beautiful and the seams on the Scandi ottoman are too. I love Industrial, that sofa looks so comfy for naps. Thank you for this, I’m now off to research Craftsman and other architectural housing styles 😀

  5. Just what I needed. I love pretty much all the styles except for traditional. That’s why it was so hard for me to decide. But now that it has finally been explained so thoroughly, I feel I lean more towards coastal. Thank you!

  6. I am feeling the modern farmhouse, but my home – that my family loves for so many practical reasons – is mid century. Can the two meet and fall in love? …Speaking of love, I think your design on QE is *consistently* on point and I think your design easily stands among the big names of this era. Your contribution to QE is outstanding, and y’all are such an awesome team. On a personal note, as the LGBTQ+ faculty leader at my college, I thank you for your inspiration and courage to reach so many young people with your positive message of self-love! Xos, your fan, Rebecca 😀

    1. It’s people like you that make me love what I do so much and inspire me to keep doing it – thank you so much for the kind words and for all of your support. Love you Rebecca

      1. I’m a sucker for modern farmhouse but I truly enjoyed just having them all laid out like that!

        Bobby, I absolutely love Queer Eye and I especially love the time and care you put in to each space you design. They always reflect the person they were intended for! Please keep doing what you do and changing people’s lives!

  7. I love Scandinavian and Minimalistic style, but my absolute favourite is kind of a toned down shabby chic. French doors, lace, rustic metal details, white and pastel.

    PS: My boyfriend and I love Queer Eye, and especially your designs!

    1. Well PS – I love you and your BF, thanks for watching and stopping by!

      1. Love these. Have a mostly eclectic style. Love the show (so does my daughter) and the tips you have for finessing a look and more! X

        1. I usually break the rules and mix all kinds of styles. It works though if I go with my heart and pick pieces I love.

    1. I ❤ organic modern & coastal. Easy breezy. An interior design student at the mo, I LOVE your style & posts! Thank You ❤

  8. I love all these styles and looks. My style wasn’t mentioned. I have a Victorian era, Queen Anne style with all the claw feet, cabriole legs, dark woods, and embellishments you might see in an 1800’s antebellum house in New Orleans. Not surprisingly, I grew up there and was very influenced by the culture. That and the library from Beauty and the Beast. So warm and cozy!

  9. I love this! I’m wanting to redo my living room/ kitchen space and I think this has helped me find my style. I’m loving the mid-century modern but I’m going to do it with a little boho twist 🎉

    1. Mid-Century modern for me. I like modern, clean simple lines with the warmth of wood mixed in there.

      1. I think modern organic is my favorite but would like to mix a bit playful style like BOHO. My hus and I are big fan of queer eye and your works! Thank you for inspiring us! Love from Japan:)

    2. That sounds like so much fun! Let us know how it turns out. We would love to see some pictures

  10. My style is a mix between scandinavian and glam!!! Your website is lovely, bobby! Love you xoxo

  11. I’m confused now because I like coastal and Scandinavian, help! My kitchen/living area is white, dark grey with oak and blue accents. Coastal?

  12. Thank you! I didn’t really know the way to express my style. I love organic modern and modern farmhouse. However… I’d love any make over that Bobby would do at my house.

  13. My preferable interior design style would be a mix of minimalist and organic modern. More minimalist and less organic modern though.

  14. Eclectic for sure my house is a traditional suburban house and inside a mix of that with a little farmhouse, boho and industrial mixed together with a few goth pieces of art and accessories. I’ve been told our house is cozy and inviting but I always felt I should start over and stay consistent in one design style. After reading this I feel like eclectic is ok and ultimately it should be a place where you are surrounded by things that make you happy. I live in a suburb of Kansas City and have loved seeing all the QE2 episodes filmed in our area!

    1. Loved spending some time in Kansas City – such a fun place to film. Thanks for stopping by the site and good luck with your home.

  15. Eclectic and mid-century.
    I grew up with mid-century, loved it then, still do. But I tend to be eclectic also.

  16. Very interesting! I love articles about home design with photos – thanks, Bobby. I just decorated my new home, and it was fun but nerve-wracking. I’ve loved traditional for a long time, but wanted to move to a cleaner, fresher look – turns out there is a name for it: transitional! So that’s what I did, and I think I pulled it off fairly well. Incorporating symmetry in a smaller space is tough! Would include a photo if that was an option. Just LOVE home design and LOVE Bobby Berk! You are amazing.

  17. WOW! There are things I like in each of the styles shown here! But I’d have to say Glam is my top choice…it’s just me! However, I also really like Rustic Farmhouse as well! Boho would be my last choice.
    Again…there’s just something in pretty much each of these photos and descriptions that I like!

  18. Can you be a mix of costal and minimalist?
    I love them both.

    1. Of course! Those two styles definitely work together and have a lot of similarities in materials. Make it your own and have fun with it!

  19. MCM/Industrial/Eclectic – all of that. Maybe BOHO in my little art studio. Difficult choices.

  20. I love a bit of boho and scandi. Yellow walls and plants 😍

  21. I think if I had to choose one of the listed above, it would be Scandinavian, but really I just like bright and airy plus plants and some textiles. Maybe minimalist meets boho.

  22. Eclectic Scandinavian. I’m from Sweden so the Scandinavian style comes naturally I guess.

  23. I like mid century modern and modern farmhouse the best.

  24. I love most of these. Eclectic, Modern Farmhouse and Industrial are my faves. I wonder how to best bring these together. <3

  25. Love the efficient, clear descriptions, and great pics!! Challenge to figure out how to make a coherent whole when trying to include family pieces from different styles/eras. Helped to pretend I had a second house to decorate- then I could think more clearly about what I personally prefer. Who knew I was a modern girl at heart (with a touch of glam and a couple cozy touches by the fireplace)!

  26. I’m all boho textiles w/ industrial furniture color palette and Scando-cozy vibes. So maybe eclectic…

    It would be so fun if Tan could do an outfit pairing for each style 🙂

  27. I’m a combination of glam, traditional and modern farmhouse. Great article!

  28. I am definitely a blend of Boho, eclectic, and traditional and probably more. I love both simplicity and complexity. I recently moved after 33 years in a 1908 Sears Craftsman house built by the home owners back then from a mail order kit. I got rid of a lot of books, furniture and eclectic objects. Now I’m renting a much smaller home built in 1948 and am slowly trying to figure out what I really need to support the purpose of each room. An uncluttered bedroom with an old, handmade blue and white pseudo-Indian-paisley print quilt/bedspread but underneath I just bought a deep raspberry colored cotton weave blanket from the Company Store and an indigo African Mudcloth cotton throw from an antique mall nearby. My writing room has books, plants, prints, chatchkes, a lovely chintz armchair and matching oettoman I just inherited from my recently deceased mother. I desperately need to figure out a way to keep paperwork organized. That was usually my husbands area o o is f expertise but he died suddenly over four years ago at the age of 58. I hadn’t lived alone since I left Brooklyn in 1982. to become

  29. How does “transitional” style fit into the mix?

  30. I’m moving soon, and came here for some inspiration to design my new home. As a California girl, I lean towards coastal. But I’m also leaning towards Spanish Colonial, because I used to live in Santa Barbara. Not sure where to start, but the color palette featured here helps! Thank you Bobby!

  31. Love this site, Bobby! How has it taken me this long to visit??? Your work is just beautiful and brings me to tears every time I watch the show. You carefully create unique spaces to match each client’s needs and personality, yet it’s all undeniably you. It’s an interesting and delicate balance to achieve, so my hat is off to you on that front. Excited to see more…I’ve got the box of Kleenex ready! [BTW, Organic Modern/Modern with a side of Eclectic. Thanks for helping sort that out!]

  32. What about 1910 Victorian Glam? My home was built in 1910 with curved entries and lovely big molding everywhere- I love classic old chandeliers with Venetian plaster walls. I just need help blending the old and the new together! 😊

  33. I would say I’m Traditional Glam. I like things that will stand the test of time without getting too museum-like, and I like my sparkle and luxe finishes.
    Love that your spaces on QE are always welcoming, no matter what the style!

  34. Midcentury modern with a pinch of eclectic! Though I have so many plants my aesthetic is more jungle than anything else. My parents recently gave me permission to oversee their kitchen remodel, & as a weekend warrior/designer I am STOKED. Leaning toward modern farmhouse.

  35. I am a modern farmhouse/industrial type girl. They both are so earthy!

  36. I personally loved modern farmhouse and boho but ohmg I loveeee Mid-century side table and lights, also Scandinavian plush sofas, glam doors, eclectic colours…. Bobby can’t I choose more than one and would incorporate plants as well. Do help me out soon I wanna do some major changes in my Parents house back home. Lots of love ❤️ and respect .. QE have helped me a lot to come out from my anxiety.

  37. All of these stylings are absolutely beautiful! My taste is a combination of boho, ecclectic & a dash of mid-century modern. Loved this post and all the designs shown!

  38. I like all of the Designes. They can be so many expressions of you
    My Home is a Mix of Boho, Industrial and Scandinavian.
    Love from Germany

  39. I’m Mid-Mod Boho, I suppose, but in truth I love everything!!
    My hubs and I always love to see what incredible designs you come up with!

  40. Ugh, I’ve been scanning for decor and design ideas on Pinterest since forever to do up a new space that I’ll be moving into and after looking at this my indecisive mind is somewhat at ease. I lie somewhere between boho and coastal. Which is what I can start look for now. Hehe, thanks Bobby & team this was indeed very helpful. Lots of love and light! 💞

  41. I think I am eclectic. My couches are neutral Crate and Barrel lounge but my walls are deep Aegean blue. I like neutrals with bold colors as accents.

  42. Eclectic and Mid-Century Mod sang to me! I’ve always called my style Early Yard Sale but it’s more like Hand-Me-Down-Hillbilly. 😂 The majority of my furniture was given to me; the pieces I’ve bought were purely practical and chosen for comfort.

  43. Want to be coastal but end up mid century modern. Problem for me with light colours is two dogs…and a husband! Going for white washed floorboard style tiles to lift the colour scheme and white walls. Love these styles .

  44. My house currently is mid century modern but with a very light bright palette. It’s great but I would like to integrate some glam elements to it and definitely a ton of plants! Could you write a post regarding plants for Indoors? Styles and names and what to look for, either fake or real and just general advice about this PLEASE!!

  45. I love the farmhouse modern, the industrial and the scandanivian. I think I’m a mixte of the 3. Great article! Loved it!
    Montreal, Canada

  46. I would say that I like the style which is industrial. I like the plants in the space.

  47. I loved looking at your website!
    I am obsessed with interior design right now (I’ve redesigned my bedroom at least three times, and designed other people’s houses without them knowing) and found the site super helpful!
    I think that my style jumps around a lot depending on what kind of house or room I’m designing, but I’m very attached to coastal, modern, and industrial designs.
    Oh, and I’ve been absolutely loving QE! All the designs you do are awesome, and they fit everyone’s personalities and tastes perfectly. I think that dark kitchen cabinets are growing on me…
    Anyway, very inspiring!! Love all your designs! 🙂

  48. Love Modern Farmhouse! There are so many ideas in my head for transforming our home, but I always get stuck on how to start. My weakness is the in between… how do I conquer it?

  49. My style is definitely Modern Farmhouse. The problem is my husband thinks his style is Industrial when in fact is Modern. You can imagine the struggle when we are decorating!!

  50. Love it all. But I’m especially drawn to the coastal and the Scandinavian styles. I love my interiors to feel soft with a lot of textural accents. ❤️
    I really love your designs Bobby … you are here to make the world a more beautiful place. Which is also my personal motto 😊✌🏽

  51. Organic Modern Boho Farmhouse. That is a thing… right?

  52. I LOVE this article. It really gives focus to decor selection and design. My husband and I recently bought a house (eek! So excited to decorate!) BUT my husband also wants to be apart of the decorating process…which I’m determined to make a good thing. Now I view this post as a ‘What’s your Interior Design Love Language’ He leans Eclectic/Traditional and I love Scandinavian/Organic Modern. I’m torn and feel like not decorating anything because I don’t want to waste money making our house look like it’s having an identity crisis.

    This must come up all the time when couples hire design consultants. Beyond adding personal touches we both enjoy, I’m kind of at a loss. I would really love if you could write a little ditty up on how to speak to multiple interior design “love languages”! Or even just a tip to steer my in the right direction.

    I love your website and couldn’t be happier about your Pinterest page. Thanks for being a really cool human. Keep up the stellar work 🙂

    1. Thanks so much! I’ll keep that idea in mind for a future post.

  53. This is SO helpful! I’ve always felt like an imbecile about style and have no confidence in my taste. Now that I can see the themes of the various styles, I can see that there is a pattern to what I like, and I can (hopefully) put my space together in a way that’s me:)

    1. I’m so glad this was helpful. Thanks for stopping by!

  54. I’m a combination of glam, traditional and modern farmhouse. Great article!

  55. I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own blog and was curious what
    all is needed to get setup? I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost
    a pretty penny? I’m not very web smart so I’m not 100% sure.
    Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  56. Hi, what about those of us in the Northeast living close to the old Roycroft campus and trying to do Arts and Crafts? 🙂 Cheers!

  57. Love this! My bf and I are in the process of building and designing our dream house right now so this article was super helpful! I think we gravitate towards minimalist / industrial style.

    1. Thank you! All the best for designing your home!

  58. Organic Modern, Eclectic, and Mid Century Modern with a touch of Glam. I love luxury and always seem to pick the most expensive items in the room. How the heck do you find nice things on a budget??
    Love you SO much, Bobby. The touching moments that we get to see between you and the people on Queer Eye are some of my absolute favorites. You’re so genuine and honest, it’s beautiful to watch. Thank you for doing what you do.

    1. Thanks for your kind words. We always try to share great looking pieces that are also affordable.

  59. I feel like my home fits in between traditional and eclectic but it’s a mid- century house so we try to add a few of those pieces in as well! Haha. I stay confused on how to decorate my home, but I love to do so! Thanks for the great article.

  60. Beautifully done Bobby! We just finished Queer Eye Japan and are AMAZED by what you did with those tiny spaces. I am torn – I love Scandinavian, modern farmhouse, organic modern and Boho. I would be all the way Boho if it weren’t for all of the layering. It starts to look less clean and cared for to me but I love all of the different textures and colors with the soft white backdrop. It feels very organic to me which is the feeling I really love to have in my home. The others leave me wanting some color but I love their simple, refined aesthetic.

    1. Thanks so much! I can be hard to decide on a design style, but you can always combine what you love from each style together!

  61. I love this! I’ve been trying to plan how I’m going to style my rental. The house has a lot of character already with amazing green, patterned floors tiles and lots of timber, so I think it will be a challenge but I adore a more retro feel. I love elements of the industrial, scandi, traditional & modern farmhouse looks above. Love your work Bobby, all the way from Australia 🇦🇺

    1. Thanks so much! Good luck with decorating your place!

  62. My style is somewhere between traditional and modern farmhouse with a dash of Scandinavian. And that’s because I am Scandinavian so I must have a dash – sometimes more. Also is Texas Hill country a style? Because honestly I think that’s mine. With a dash of Scandinavian.
    Thanks for asking!

  63. I have always been a fan of Minimalistic interior design. But in recent days I have started liking Scandinavian too. Is it possible to fuse both these interior design styles?

    1. Definitely! Minimalist and Scandinavian share a lot of similar characteristics, like use of white and clean lines.

  64. I appreciate, cause I found exactly what I was looking for. You have ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

    1. What about French Provincial / Tuscan Farmhouse ? I see a lot of articles that those are out of style. But I spent all my summers in Italy growing up and still love that style.

  65. I had no idea there were so many styles! I’m trying to figure out what style I mostly fall into but his made it even tougher! I definitely fall into more than one category but I wonder if more than one style can be incorporated into one room?