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Queer Eye Season 5: Kevin – The Makeover And Reveal


(And we’re pretty excited about it… if you can’t tell)

For Season 5, the Fab Five were in Philadelphia giving a diverse and inspiring group of heroes the life makeovers they so deserve. And of course, I’m also back to give you all the details on how we transformed their spaces.

Keep coming back each week for an inside look at how all the transformations happened and how to create the makeovers we gave to the heroes in your own space. 

To kick things off, I’m sharing Kevin’s makeover from Episode 3. (Spoilers ahead for those who haven’t seen the episode.) Kevin, a divorcee in his 50s, has a not-quite-traditional relationship with his ex-wife. While they remain very close,  he hasn’t moved many of her belongings from his home (including a closet full of her clothes) and it’s impeding his ability to grow and start fresh.

Despite losing nearly a hundred pounds, Kevin was lacking in confidence and the drive to improve his life but we knew that he had it in him and were ready to help bring it out. So with the help of the Fab Five, Kevin is transformed just in time for his daughter’s wedding, giving him a new attitude (and look) to help him shine from the inside out.

For his home makeover, we updated Kevin’s Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room & Bedroom, moving out memories of the past, and giving him a space that was all his.

Keep scrolling to see the amazing before and afters of Kevin’s home, along with all the shoppable products for you to get the look.


And if you missed any of our previous makeovers, be sure to check out Seasons 3 & 4: Deanna, Kenny, Wanda, Kathi, Matt, Wesley, Rob, Jess, Robert and Jody. We’ve also pulled together all the products from every makeover HERE.









  1. Bobby, you have really inspired me. We moved house just before lockdown started and none of our furniture (most of which was hand me downs) worked in our new living room.
    We have two young kids who have been with us full time so I didn’t have the headspace to figure out how to make the space work.
    My husband and I binged series 5 in a week and I bought new furniture immediately afterwards.
    I feel so much happier so thank you for all your amazing ideas.
    I love Queer Eye so much. You are all incredible at what you do and so sincere. It really is a tonic during this strange period.
    Louise, Newcastle, UK.

    I feel so much happier

  2. watched the shows your all amazing and love to see how much you do for people…..very lucky people, great show keep making them our whole family loves the show…thank you for sharing…

  3. this was one of the most amazing transformations ever! This season is the absolute best…but then I say that every season…Kevin’s house was unrecognizable…beautiful stuff all the way around

    1. Thanks so much for reading and watching our new season! xx -B

      1. Love the show and your approach to design, beauty and functionality. The way you listen to people and find beautiful ways to make their house a home. I’d love to know where to get the dining chairs featured in your headquarters house in Philadelphia. Where should I look for those?

        1. Thanks so much! You can shop the dining chair here. xx -B

  4. Wow, just wow. You are incredibly talented and also incredibly generous in sharing your passion with the world!! Thank you for continuing to be a light to others. Love you and your fab brothers! Xoxo Donalene

    1. Thanks for letting me know Ashleigh. We will add the correct piece of art to the post. xx -B

  5. I love the show and love Bobby in particular, but this post bums me out. It feels so much less collected and high/low than last season. I’m getting a Pottery Barn ad vibe all the way. Bobby you can be however you want to be but this fan is hoping this isn’t a sign of the new norm for this site!

  6. Thank you so much for everything you did. You nailed it and the images I had in my head for all of it.

    1. Thank you for being an inspiration Kevin! I loved working on your home and being able to give you a makeover you so deserved. All the best. xx -B

  7. Would LOVE to see all of Bobby’s Queer Eye makeovers or any other projects he has done!!! He works magic every time—can’t get enough of him.

    1. If you search on our website for “reveals” you can find more from our previous seasons. Thanks for reading! xx -B

  8. I love this idea of seeing the look and knowing exactly where I can buy the pieces. Will you be doing this with other episodes? I need new furniture but I want to see how it looks first and I don’t want to buy a collection from the same place because it will look too Matchey matchey.
    Thanks ?
    Bobby is my favorite!!

  9. Thank you so much for listing all the furniture on your website! 😀
    I become a huge fan of you after watching all the first season of QE. Your idea behind all of the designs has inspired me a lot. My mom always stays away from the “prettier” furniture I picked because she doesn’t believe comfortableness and aesthetics can ever co-exist and she’s at the age that only cares about comfy. Thus I paid extra attention to your selection choices for elder people…the leather reclining sofa in the new season got me! I just want to get rid of the suede reclining sofas that already look dirty (tho clean) in their living room!!! ;P

  10. Hi Bobby, greetings from New Zealand. Loving the new season! Just a bit of curiosity from me… do the makeover folks get to keep all the new things you put into their homes and when you take out their old stuff, do they get to still keep that (i.e. it is put in storage) or is it chucked out/donated?

  11. Can I just say how muy I LOOOVVVEEE your style!!! My husband and I are so amazed by all the transformations on QE, simple, modern and sleek it has inspired us to redo our living space. I would also like to mention how much your story moves me! With every person you meet you connect with them on such a deep level, your such and example of resilience and strength. You not only inspire me to redo my home but also motivate me to never give up. No matter what challenges we face, we can overcome and rise up and be our best self if we believe and never quit ☺️ ! Wish me luck on my remodeling ?

    1. I’m happy to help inspire! Thank you so much. And all the best on your remodel! xx -B

    1. Thank you and appreciate your comment! xx -B

  12. Hi Bobby my name is Lily and I’m a Massive fan of you and the rest Of the fab 5 you guys are all super super super funny together and I love seeing your friendships with each other +Brotherhood and I love watching and seeing that come to life it’s super super super sweet to see. Thanks-Lily. ????

  13. Dear Bobby, My daughter and I love the Fab 5, especially the episode with Mama Tammye in Georgia. But with Kevin’s transformation, did you switch out Kevin’s cabinets with IKEA cabinets and Axstad doors? Or did you keep the original boxes? Thank you so much and keep spreading the love!

    1. We kept the original cabinets and just switched out the door to this line from Ikea. It’s a super easy option as they generally work with most standard existing cabinetry. Thanks so much for reading. xx -B

  14. The paint colors and design in this house are beautiful. Your designs are my favorite part of watching Queer Eye.

    1. Thank you so much. We have more reveals to come from Season 5! xx -B

  15. Hi Bobby! Can I ask how high (approx) you hung the chair rail in the master bedroom? I love the colors! It looks stunning!

  16. Bobby! I’m on the look out for the white fluff chairs in your new PA HQ. You guys sit on them at the end of each episode!! I need them!!

    1. Those chairs are from my line with A.R.T. Furniture and you can shop them here. xx -B

  17. First – love what you guys do…thank you for all the lives you touch/improve!
    In season 5, Kevin’s makeover, can you tell me about the kitchen table. What is the diameter? Did you modify the West Elm table? Where did the base come from? Or did you use an entirely different table – which one? Whew – that’s all…for now…
    Thank you for your help!!! Have a great day!

    1. The table I used in the makeover is from Pottery Barn and is unfortunately no longer available. We substituted the table from West Elm, which is the same diameter that was used – 44″. Thanks for your comment! xx -B

  18. What a great episode with Kevin. Being 55 it was so nice to see a intelligent, kind amazing man get make over. Here is a man who has so much to over someone but our soul gets hit with life sometimes. I know about it with 25 years alone and now a brain tumor. So confidence goes to pot the longer you are single. People can’t see the soul but your show shows aspects we need to see. Thanks your show is amazing, vernon bc canada

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment. We loved working with Kevin and we hope his journey to self love continues. Sending my love to you in Canada! xx -B