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The Best Queer Eye Outdoor Makeovers (And How To Incorporate Bobby’s Designs In Your Space)

Now’s the time to really enjoy outdoor living. And for design inspiration for your very own dining, entertaining, and lounging this summer, we’re consulting our favorite source – Queer Eye makeovers – and bringing you some of Bobby’s best tips from the show to make your outdoor space truly special. 

On Queer Eye, Bobby has tackled outdoor spaces of all shapes, sizes, and conditions. And along the way, he’s incorporated lots of smart design solutions to make functional patios and porches that feel like a natural extension of the home. So get ready to get outdoors, as we share 4 of the best QE outdoor makeovers – and Bobby’s tips for bringing the look to your own backyard.



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Jennifer’s Dining Deck

Don’t overlook your front yard when it comes to utilizing the outdoors. With limited space in the backyard, Bobby decided to create the perfect spot for family meals and entertaining right outside the front door. The low deck is surrounded by plantings for a lush feel, and full of bright accessories to match Jennifer’s infectious spirit.



For more privacy when outdoor entertaining in your front yard, consider planting row of ficus that will grow into a large hedge.

Josh’s All-Purpose Porch

Treat your outdoor space like an extension of your home. Since Josh’s new shipping container home was quite compact, it was important to give him lots of multi-functional outdoor space. Three sets of french doors open to a dining area, an outdoor kitchen, and a lounge space that make indoor/outdoor living a breeze.




To maximize your outdoor space (no matter how large or small), consider creating distinct areas for dining, relaxing, and cooking.

Jereka’s Bright Backyard

Consider new surfaces to enhance your outdoor space.  For a quick and cost-effective ground covering, Bobby opted to lay pea gravel in Jereka‘s backyard dining area. It’s an affordable option that requires little to no maintenance and when combined with a pergola, instantly creates a chic new area for outdoor meals.





Raised planter beds, like the ones used in Jereka’s makeover, create a perfect border for an outdoor area covered in pea gravel – and will keep the material contained.

Abby’s Petite Front Porch

A coat of paint and a bit of greenery can go a long way.  For Abby‘s tiny porch, Bobby streamlined the space with a fresh coat of white paint and brought in lots of life with an array of potted plants. For a small space like this, going with a single color makes the area look larger – and really showcases the greenery.




Opt for different size pots and planters in similar colors for a varied and visually appealing look in your outdoor area.