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Queer Eye: A Look Back At The Heroes (And Makeovers) From Season 3

Been missing Queer Eye? (Don’t worry, we have too!) So while we anxiously await the next season, we’re taking a look back at some of the heroes (and makeovers) from Season 3. 

From “Black Girl Magic” to “Elrod & Sons” to a  “Hunter & Huntee”, these are some of the heroes that touched our hearts, made us smile, and showcased home makeovers with plenty of wow factor. And if you haven’t watched them yet, be sure to check out these episodes (and all the other seasons) on Netflix too.


Keep scrolling to see these heroes and their makeovers (and shop the looks).


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ROB |  Episode Six


Rob’s story begins on the day his youngest son was born. On that day, his wife found out that she had breast cancer. The lump had been there for months, although doctors initially told them it was benign. It wasn’t until she was breastfeeding her son that the nurses noticed she had been misdiagnosed. Sadly, she passed away just six months later, leaving Rob a widower with two young sons.

Unlike other makeovers, Rob was moving into a new home to start fresh with his sons AKA “Elrod & Sons”, so we wanted to give him a space that not only represented a fresh start but honored his wife and all the memories that they had made in their previous home.


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JESS | Episode Five


After coming out to her very religious adoptive family at age 16, Jess was thrown out of the house for being gay. She moved into a new place, found new friends, began going to college and forged a life for herself. When we met her, she had since dropped out of college where she was pursuing a computer science degree due to student loan debt and was waitressing at a Greek restaurant in Lawrence, Kansas. We came in and not only overhauled her space, but gave her the tools to transform her own life.


Click here to see the full makeover.

JODY | Episode One


Living in rural Kansas, Jody is a self-proclaimed “Country Girl”. She is a “camo-clad goddess who hunts and plants her own food.” But as confident as she is on the outside, she doesn’t feel this way on the inside. Jody was nominated by her husband, who wanted to show her that being a strong and independent woman that loves and takes care of her family didn’t mean that she had to neglect herself.

Her home was filled with all the things that she loved – hunting, camo, and her family. And when we came in to give her a makeover we wanted to take all of those things that meant so much to her and give them a new look. We kept what meant the most to them, and brought in some new furniture, art, and accessories to give the entire space a refresh.


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ROBERT |  Episode Four


Robert is a 34-year-old father of three who was nominated by his Fiancé Jaime. As she put it, “The thing that attracted me to Robert was his personality, he’s so outgoing, and just a fabulous father. I nominated Robert because this week is the wedding, and I want it to be about him, too.” Talk about a heartfelt nomination!

Beyond the home makeover and the physical transformation, we wanted to show Robert that he could be a good husband and father without brining himself down along the way, and teach him to love himself, which would allow him to love those around him even more. This home makeover not only gave Robert and Jamie a place to call home, it also created a space for the family to grow into and create memories.


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